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  1. Monkey Prick

    Jamie Lynn Marchi / Jamie Perez / marchimark

    That's not going to work for me brother.
  2. Monkey Prick

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    I'm like 3 hours into the Monica stream and man does Carey lead Monica by the hand through the field of contradictory statements and perjury. Ty really undersold how utterly devastating some parts of this deposition, then again he might've said she did well knowing they'd stalk Nick's streams...
  3. Monkey Prick

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    It's even worse when you realise they're not fans of Ron, but of his fiance. Ron looks like he's creeping on his partner's fans.
  4. Monkey Prick

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    No one gives a fuck if they're committing fraud, all that matters is that the dox are good.
  5. Monkey Prick

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    They've lived in Missouri as well, probably another case of being registered in 2 different states like one of the super lawyers was.
  6. Monkey Prick

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    Nice work on figuring out who these 3 redacted people are, top autists will always defeat boomer systems that haven't caught up to the age of the internet yet. It's worth pointing out that Ron met Monica through being the manager of a building she lived in, he also claims to have lived with...
  7. Monkey Prick

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    Several of those questions were had a lot of context to them. Like if Vic had said Haberkorn was a truthful guy they could use things Todd said about Vic early on and they'd have a hard time refuting them after the plaintiff has gone on record saying the man is truthful. Some of them also called...
  8. Monkey Prick

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    When did Vic falter? I thought he did pretty good from the 2ish hours we've seen.
  9. Monkey Prick

    Monica Rial / Monica Jean Rial / Rialisms & Ron Toye / Ronald Toye III / rontoye3

    The meltdown these delusional fucks are going to have when Ron gets bodied in court is going to be oh so sweet.
  10. Monkey Prick

    Kaylyn Saucedo / Kaylyn Dicksion / MarzGurl

    MarzGurl calling people out for watching anime shit is fucking hilarious, isn't she in love with watching dudes in suits fight rubber monsters?
  11. Monkey Prick

    Shane Holmberg / Shane Presley Holmberg

    Reminder that they showed Vic the doxedex and when asked who he knew on that page he never once mentioned @Shane_Yes_That_One.
  12. Monkey Prick

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    The guy has a family to feed and the cunt crew over at FUNimation basically control his ability to get any roles at all, both him and Haberkorn had kneejerk reactions to what was going on but came around pretty quick. Chuck was still hanging out with Vic very early on into the shitstorm and has...
  13. Monkey Prick

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    I just post and use the time Nick is reading superchats to catch up better.
  14. Monkey Prick

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    It's literally the point of the thread though.
  15. Monkey Prick

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    He had to think about it because Todd tried to sell him down the river early on before realising what was going on. They were hoping he'd tell them he's super truthful so they could use his messages in relation to the pridemore shitfest against Vic.

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