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    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Somewhat disagree. If someone says something fully sexist, racist or legitimately offensive, Fire back!!! Don’t go crying to mommy, Twitter or their bosses. Speak up for yourself!! I’m over giving disgusting rude people a pass. BUT WAIT read on BEFORE YOU RATE ME... IF this situation even...
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    Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-Gerber

    God DAMN this chick is insufferable.... This DUDE is insufferable? (Sorry I’m mad on the internet and I want to purposely misgender this wishy washy bitch and I’m not even sure how to!) She can’t honestly expect me to believe anyone gives enough of a shit about her trifling unpopular twitter...
  3. mosh spice

    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Yeah perf analogy, only Macklemore didn’t steal the hook of his mediocre single from a far superior Rae Sremmund song Lizzo is a big fat unoriginal hack. Also imagine a dude on the Minnesota Vikings choosing to date this blob? (X to Doubt)
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    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Dr Veronica McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    KIWI FARMS, INTERNET, October 19, 2019 - not to white knight Mzzz Rhys here AT ALL but just dropping some pedantic info, the formatting is ahhhkshually *almost* correct for a press release. But the city and date should be in italics, followed by a dash
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    Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz

    Oooo fuck yeah mmmm Sike lol it’s gonna be a no from me dawg what a ridiculous fucking bed spread... this dude’s not doing himself any favors, especially being that he’s already playing with a handicap. I assume in addition to being ugly he’s also a shit head, since he has a thread here and...
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    Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz

    Yes. Also, is he hot? If yes, then yes. If no then NAH
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    Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-Gerber

    Even for Bex this hyperbole is STAGGERING lol. Imagine believing someone is BEYOND DANGEROUS to you because they follow someone u disagree with on Twatter. LMAO get a grip Becky my god.
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    Community Munchausen's by Internet (Malingerers, Munchies, Spoonies, etc)

    Good find... also isn’t is crazy to see what Jaq hath wrought? Why anybody would want to emulate a dead girl I’m not sure. Yet it’s sooo obvious that’s what this ghoul is doin. Just in time for Halloween! is a spooky one For bonus pts, her fiancé kinda looks like cute...
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    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Don’t misunderstand me, thrift stores are fucking awesome. I’m saying you gotta wash that shit first. It’s obvious she didn’t because the tags are still on.
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    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Grossss I can’t make it all the way through, watching her put those unwashed (ugly af) thrift store items up to her face like that, then she gets a “dog hair” in her mouth 🤮 Thrift store clothes are damn unhygienic... IMO Best practice is to assume someone shit themselves and died in those...
  11. mosh spice

    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    Uhm.. I hate to side with diseased older daddy here but I think a couple of you are missing his sarcasm in that post about his earnings...

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