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    Eisenhorn - a Warhammer 40k live action series

    That was a good series. This will be absolute crap. I have no interest. I am curious to see how GW manages to charge each viewer individually and excessively.
  2. oldTireWater

    Missing California camper found alive says she got lost fleeing man with knife

    I guess that answers it. Edit: I couldn't see the money angle. I always forget about the GoFundMe bullshit.
  3. oldTireWater

    Missing California camper found alive says she got lost fleeing man with knife

    More shit that didn't happen. Why do they do this?
  4. oldTireWater

    Disaster Armed man attacking Tacoma’s ICE detention center killed in officer-involved shooting

    So all four cops shot the dude, then they hid until paramedics showed up to confirm he was dead? If I were an EMT I might be a little concerned about their training and commitment.
  5. oldTireWater

    How will you leave the Farms?

    Leaving only footprints, and taking only memories.
  6. oldTireWater

    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Funny you say that. I was thinking the solution the the central american "issue" would be to seize them by force, then give them to Venezuela. Central americans get a government that loves them, Venezuelans get more happy workers, and Mexico gets a reason to militarize the fuck out of their...
  7. oldTireWater

    Would mandatory six month maternity leave have negative effects?

    Your reward is getting to deal with a knocked up woman, and supporting a child for 18+ years. Both are great I hear.
  8. oldTireWater

    Science A Greek skull may belong to the oldest human found outside of Africa

    Come on Greece! "What the fuck happened to you man? Your ass used to be beautiful."
  9. oldTireWater

    Scientists reawaken 40,000 year old ancient worms frozen under Arctic Ice

    We've seen this movie before. Take your pick, but neither ended well.
  10. oldTireWater

    Culture Woman shoots husband in head during road rage incident

    Sometimes you've got to be willing to accept casualties to execute the mission.
  11. oldTireWater

    Rural Southern blacks

    I was going to say that deep southern blacks are the fucking worst, but it occurs to me that I haven't dealt with rural ones. I'm not a fan of southerners in general.
  12. oldTireWater

    Facebook megathread

    This is on par with Scientology "fair game".
  13. oldTireWater

    Culture Australian Man, 21, dies after drinking protein shake with '50 coffees worth' of caffeine

    They really drive home the "accident" and "innocent" part. Bullshit.
  14. oldTireWater

    Disney rejects father’s requests to put Spider-Man on son’s grave

    Why did he even ask? If he wanted a spider man rock I'm sure he could have found some mexican to make him one. Just bring a knock-off Spider Man velvet blanket, point at it a bunch, and say "ese la roca".

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