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    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    Nahh i think it is just lazyness. I think the model might just be a red void underneath the shirt and the white part is the shirt clipping. Still it looks bizarre.
  2. Otis Boi

    Jeremy Hambly / The Quartering / MTGHeadquarters / Unsleeved Media / Midwestly

    I believe Ben & Jerry's uses severance while Hambely is using "Chunk".
  3. Otis Boi

    YouTube Autism

    I used to get this guy confused with Dan Olsen. Also I like how he goes on a diatribe about how someones defense of the character being exectuted is invalid because non of this is real and it was made by directors and writers.Also i like how he skips over any example of any left wing propaganda...
  4. Otis Boi

    Motivational Speaking

    I think motivational speakers have more or less fallen out of vogue well at least the kind that would sell you platitudes. I think people like Jordan Peterson are the motivational speaker 2.0 instead of selling platitude to desperate 30 somethings that have hit a wall in there life whether it be...
  5. Otis Boi

    Paradox Studio Thread

    I'll never get why companies tease mobile games or hype the up in any fashion. All you are going to do is piss everybody off. Talk shit about Bethesda but at least when they launched Fallout shelter they didn't tease it and just said yea we got a mobile game and you can download it and is more...
  6. Otis Boi

    Spooky Avatar Request Thread

    make mine spooky plz. I cant use my old one anymore which is the spookiest. or this one
  7. Otis Boi

    Is Reagan actually "conservative" by today's standards?

    Are you trying to seriously argue that conservatives have never spoke out of both sides of their mouths. I think people remember president for what they want them to be. It is the here and now that actually matters because out views are constantly changing. The only constant is politician's will...
  8. Otis Boi

    Epic Games General Thread

    I think it more a plot to get them to sell the Unreal Engine.
  9. Otis Boi

    reddit General

    Im going to hazard a guess that most user only visit a few specific subs. I wouldn't be surprised if most people get rid of 90% of the default subs once they make an account meaning they wont ever see the political side or reedit unless the mistakenly click on r/all.Also i think most people use...
  10. Otis Boi

    Square Enix's Avengers

    A live service game is one in which new content is added on a consistent basis. Usually with the promise of new skins,shorter side missions,daily/weekly challenges,and online component. Think of games like Shadows of war or Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 with its elsusive targets. They fund the new...
  11. Otis Boi

    Square Enix's Avengers

    Because she got the hella long legs Correct me if I'm wrong but i don't think that is her superpower? Edit:I am wrong i guess Mario 64 is her superpower and it looks like it would be a glitch in any other modern game and it really clashes with everything.
  12. Otis Boi

    Quinton Kyle Hoover / Quinton Reviews / Q_Review / OttselSpy24

    Yea but Hank wanted to fuck propane that one time. No one can escape degeneracy for long. Quntion's new video is the most dry thing i think has made. I can't even find it cringy it just so meandering and lacks any energy. That's the one thing that always put me off from his videos is how dry...
  13. Otis Boi

    Callum Nathan Thomas Edmunds / MauLer93 / MauLer

    I mean they are very hard to finish if you are going to spend 8+ hours on a stream bitching about autisic media you are suppose to working on. Edit:For posterity Mauler is doing an EFAP stream with Aydin Paladin and it has been going on for 12 hours about Quintion reviews' Last Jedi thing. Holy...
  14. Otis Boi

    reddit General

    If i also remember correctly this is against site wide rules. It is just selectively enforced. I only know this becaue there was a whole stink about it with r/offmychest and another sub at the time.
  15. Otis Boi

    NY Attorney General sues Dunkin' over a series of cyberattacks

    I think it mostly because shareholders/who is in charge dosen't see cybersercuity as a worth while investment. Espically when they dotn heavily rely on tech to begin with.

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