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    War Majority in Brazil's top court to make homophobia and transphobia crimes

    That seems like a very low number if the are considering this to be a "problem". I mean that just seems to be statistically low. The 2017 murder rate was 56,101 if we assume that 1% of the population is LGBT+ then that would mean that 561 would Homos. Yet only Weed Number of them died meaning it...
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    Is there a connection between religious belief and familial relationships?

    I will start off by saying that I'm in the camp that doesn't care if there is a god or not and won't change how they live their if proof either way happens to pop up. My mother grew up in a family where she was tough a person had to find religion and not have it be forced about them. They did...
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    Pathologic 2: Open World First Person Doctoring

    I played the Original/HD Remake and I will say i am hoping it is much better paced then the first. I say the biggest downside of the first is that it concept was stretched out way to much i think if it was at max a 10-15 hour game it would have been really good but that game over stayed it...
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    Disaster Vandals trash model railway exhibit

    I just think that a lot of kids don't understand how long projects like this take. They probably think they could just buy a new on from amazon and that be the end of it. I just don't think they can fathom that some one spent posibly there entire life time or half of that Building a single...
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    Paradox & Klei dodge Epic Games' first Steam Sale, pull games for the duration

    I would say a lot possible. I think they see the western gaming market as an easy cash cow that dosen't really get affected by bad publicity. They look at EA and go "hmm we can fuck up and people will still by out shit." I just underestimated how much people hate launchers and exclusivity. They...
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    Didn't he dress up as a jiggabo and smash a watermelon in the bulured part of that same video? Also the typical Twitter jew:
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    I would like to eat a some bbq ribs of Ethan Ralph. With the amount of alcohol it should count down on my marinating time for my secret recipe.
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    Owo nice avatar homie

    Owo nice avatar homie
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    YouTube Says Sargon Of Akkad Has Been Suspended From Making Money From Videos On Its Platform

    Nahh he just has subscribe star now. From the last I have heard it's only a fraction of that it orginally was but still a respectable income. The only question is will he start livestreaming regularly to help compensate for the loss of revenue because any time he does it becomes a hilarious...
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    Finally a QT goth girl for meeee

    Finally a QT goth girl for meeee
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    Blood: Fresh Supply

    yea Civvie is great.His pro series gave me a deeper appreciation for old fps games. Overall he is a great youtuber. One of the few gaming youtubers who isn't complete ass cancer, completely devoid of personalty or just strokes reddit hate boner.
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    Trashfire ProJared Divorce Fiasco

    It's the curse of JonTron I tell you. THE CURSE OF JONTRON. This would explain his radio silence plus the Game Grumps removing him from their channel. I wonder of Ross new about this to some degree
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    Real time/pseudo live gameplay in single player games

    Dosent the elder scrolls do this to a lesser extent. Most named NPCs have a schedule they follow through out the day. Plus they have the ability to deviate from said schedule if certain conditions are met. It's an oddly complex system that isn't used to it potential.
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    reddit General

    Isn't that sub now like a bizarro circlejerk sub. Just now its galaxy brains mocking other galaxy brains for not having the right(read leftist) big brained ideas? Usually being post mocking conservative conspiracies or trump Ok I just checked the sub out. It is much worse. It's much more low...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Holy shit what a joke of a song. I love it. E-40 still is wonderful and lil Wayne actually is good when he put in the effort plus 2-chainz is at his best when is nonsense

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