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    Game of Thrones Thread

    Tagging just in case
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    Game of Thrones Thread

    Go ahead and find a worse, more convoluted and ridiculous way to give the Night King an ice dragon. I dare you.
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    Game of Thrones Thread

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    Game of Thrones Thread

    She was married to a musician named Peter Loughran, but dated Flynn when her marriage was breaking up.
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    Game of Thrones Thread

    It’s much simpler. The Cersei and Bronn actors dated in real life, it ended badly, and Lena Headey has it in her contract not to have to work with Jerome Flynn. So you get this extra awkward work around from the two of them ever sharing a scene. Also ep 2 is great, much better than the premiere.
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    Careercow Kat Blaque / Kathryn Wilkins / Kathryn Blaque / Matthew Wilkins

    It’s from his “Shitting While Trans” huffpo piece linked in the first entry.
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    Reddit's Trans Community

    Selfie of Miss Ultimate Validation: Seriously, wtf? This is a conventionally attractive looking dude but clearly a dude nonetheless.
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    Careercow Morgane Oger / Ronan Oger

    Nope, he’s French. Born in Rennes, France.
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    Kiva Bay / Kivan Bay / Kiva Smith-Pearson

    Michael Bluth voice: The mere fact that she calls it “beard juice” tells me she shouldn’t be doing it. Jesus, what an fucking exhausting person.
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    Zinnia Jones / Satana Kennedy / Zachary Antolak / Zack Sklar / Lauren McNamara/Soersdal / @zjemptv

    The only thing that makes sense to me, that this actually happened and wasnt just another Zach wolf cry, is that it was for some low level English class or the like where the assignment was “Make a presentation where you use x number of references— topic anything you want!” You know where the...
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    Horrorcow Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd / / JY Knows It / JY British Columbia

    Nothing. Nothing will happen because it’s already happened. A guy who molested his toddler daughter in Canuckastan trooned out and got a slap on the wrist. He’s serving his 18 months in a fucking women’s prison. Read it again: a guy who forced his three year old into performing oral sex got a...
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    Culture Tranny News Megathread

    Kathlyn “Stephen Ira” Beatty is legit looney tunes. Unlike say Chaz Bono who is just a self-hating dyke (thanks to her parents), Kathlyn was pretty much a tomboy straight girl, though I think she’s now got a “transman” partner because no gay dude wants pussy.
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    Secret Gamer Girl / SecretGamerGrrl / Googleshng / "Violet Hargrave" / Jacob Lawrence (Jake) Alley / World Domination, LLC

    Did he get another suspension? Or is this just a pity break? He seems too addicted to just cease, and fuck knows he has zero willpower to do so.
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    Horrorcow Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd / / JY Knows It / JY British Columbia

    Remember, above all else, Jonathan is a con artist. A small-c one, but a con nonetheless. He will weaponize anything in effort to scam. And since using sexual assault has become an all-silencing trump card amongst the SJW crowd, of course this pasty bit of smeg will use it to his advantage—...
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    Katelyn Burns / Katelyn Anne Garrett / Kyle Burns Garrett / Transscribe / ClosetTransGirl / tabz_ftw

    Most women, especially those with cankles, know to steer clear of Mary Janes. Once again, Kyle fails.

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