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  • 15 minutes you say?
    For someone very good, perhaps 2 minutes 🤣 I should be pretty easy to find, not because I’m anything special, trust, I’m not, but because I don’t really try to mask myself with different user names, etc.

    It’s not like I have anything to say, I just enjoy reading posts and commenting sometimes, but apparently I’m a mess and autistic.
    All anyone would have to do is look at the hater channel’s comments.
    Hiya! Welcome to the Farms. Enjoy
    Thank you! If I do something stupid please let me know.
    I’m pretty new to this forum. I do have a reddit account, so I’m somewhat familiar with sites like these.

    I fell down the Amber Lynn rabbit hole about 6 months ago when I was watching you tube vids about weight loss surgery, of all things.
    It's a good idea to lurk a bit to get the feel of the Farms. Also read the "New member, thinking of joining" thread in Amber's forum. That'll help you out a bunch.
    Welcome aboard and have fun!
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