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    Skitzocow Richard Whittington / whittington1956

    Looks like antennae. ( In addition to the usual video spam, Richard has released some videos of his own on the Whittington Press News Network. He fixed the spelling of "network"...
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    Terrorist Samuel Collingwood Smith / Vordrak / Sam Smith / BenvolaStar / Matthew Hopkins News

    It was from some tard fight that started on EDF that spread to KF. Wiki logins are broken ever since the XF2 transition so there's no way to change it at the moment.
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    Skitzocow Richard Whittington / whittington1956

    It's another typical day for Richard: ( Very informative: ( Here's his eBay account...
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    Careercow Max Landis

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    Lolcow Evangelist Dr. Robert McKim, Sr.

    Was surprised this wasn't posted yet. I went through most of the thread and have fixed broken images and video links. Most links have been archived and I've reuploaded most images directly to the site. Couldn't fix everything, but most are working now. I also went and made a thread for Bob's...
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    Skitzocow Richard Whittington / whittington1956

    Richard Whittington is a schizocow out of Bangor, Maine, notable for his ravings and his friendship with Robert McKim. Richard first came to the attention of the Farms, two years ago, popping up in Bob's thread. (archive) He...
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    Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3

    @Colmerry, @Arm Pit Cream be sure to backup every video he posts in case he takes his stuff down.
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    Floyd Davis Budge / Floyd David Budge / Floyd Budge / DarkpawThepuppy & his Brother Patrick Budge

    No, he has had internet, he's just not doing anything interesting. He has mostly been on Facebook. He has over 30 YouTube channels and Facebook accounts and keeps making new ones, so it can be difficult to keep track of his activity.
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    "Jim" / James Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Mister Metokur / Jim81Jim / Internet Aristocrat

    It always was. This thread keeps getting derailed with dumb shit. We don't care how much you people want to suck Jim's dick or how much you dislike him. Keep the discussion directly on Jim and his work or we will threadban you. Off-topic political sperging or Sargon discussion will be deleted...
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    Lolcow Thepitbulltdg / TheDogang / The Wolf Gang / Charles Burch

    Post more of his videos. One video isn't sufficient if his primary source of content is YouTube. Add more pictures to the beginning of his posts or other content. Fix your title format. Also, explain in the first line why he's a lolcow.
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    Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826 ( Wonder who he's dating: ( Alex's FB:
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    Floyd Davis Budge / Floyd David Budge / Floyd Budge / DarkpawThepuppy & his Brother Patrick Budge

    Here are some caps I hadn't posted. Floyd is still mostly private and Pat is still making accounts. I'll try finding current stuff, but their Facebook posts are mostly reposts. These are self-explanatory: This is a long freak out from Floyd, who thinks he's going to be jumped: This is...
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    Tommy Tooter General Discussion

    Tom tried streaming. His audio was fucked up.
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    A Popular YouTuber Read the Christchurch ‘Manifesto’ to Half a Million Subscribers

    It wasn't the YouTuber. It was some dumbass who has made multiple accounts to spam links about Christchurch.

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