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    You'll want to make a post here:

    You'll want to make a post here:
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    Updating Old, Terrible First Posts

    This is pretty good. I can insert the text into the current OP right now if you want. If you want this post to replace the current OP and give you post authorship, you'll have to ask @Null.
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    Timothy N Shortnacy / Devi Ever / Amber Coal / Grace Lynn / Pixelgoth / LittleMouseVR / girlsrituals

    Various shit I found: ( Has also gone by deathbyfairydust and effector13. Music project's name was Mercury's Fortune.
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    Kiwi Farms Awards 2018

    Sexiest user: @Cricket (she threatened me) Nicest user: @Dynastia
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    Pictures of Tom In Unrealistic Situations

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    Cultcow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart Mahan

    GreyScale was one of MaddieNolan's socks and was why they were banned.
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    Gregory Logan Ramos / Shadilay Strangler

    Edgy. Learn how to embed links so you don't take up unnecessary space. You already linked his thread, this is pointless. Why are you linking this after Sargon? Sargon's not the the thread topic. If you want people to be familiar with Kekistan, you should have included this earlier. What does...
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    Manosphere Jordan Peterson

    This OP is fucking boring. Where is the humor? Not much in the way of drama either. The OP is low-effort and I doubt you'd be able find much that hasn't already been posted about him. This is just background information and it's poorly written. Use spell-check. You didn't even archive the...
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    Kirsten Chevalier / Tim Chevalier / catamorphosis

    This is important given that the topic has been covered before. What does this thread do that the previous A&H and Lolcow LLP threads don't? I don't see much in the OP to warrant a separate thread.
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    Name: @Ride Likes: cats, animals, games, comics, TV, sleeping, doxing Dislikes: bugs, phone calls Fun fact about me: no Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: sure I can be a Sneasel's Little Helper if needed.
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    Tommy Tooter General Discussion

    New channel is here: RATWM Playlist:
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    Town of Salem

    This comes off like you have a personal problem with him. Nothing in these sections make him a cow. Just shows he's incompetent. Background info is nice, but so far, you haven't posted anything particularly humorous or dramatic, and we're two-thirds of the way through the thread. All this...
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    Lachlan Still / The Pedantic Romantic

    You need a name and more info on the cow.

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