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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    Disney: We're not going to retcon TLJ Also Disney: Look, here we retcon it so that Luke did train Rey! When was this training supposed to happen? TLJ literally showed us every interaction Luke and Rey had and this makes no sense continuity wise, so do we now have a "Star Wars prime" timeline...
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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    The plan was to hide on Not-Hoth, wait for the fleet to pass and then call for reinforcements. After all, they used stealth ships to sneak off the Raddus and their plan started to fall apart when that stuttering idiot told the FO to look out the goddamned windows. When they were found out and...
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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    The Jedi are supposed to be righteous and virtuous, so doing that would be okay for some mere soldier under control of the senate, but for supposed chivalrious Jedi Knight, it's a no-go.
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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    To think that Finn would have been better off as a copy-paste of Tealc from SG1...
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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    This actually made me grunt. They answer the criticism that Leia completely ignores Chewi after Han's death... by making her an absolutely abhorrent and cold hearted bitch that sounds like she does neither care about her former husband being stabbed to death by her own son nor the guy she...
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    DE Drachenlord / Rainer Winkler

    Irgendwelche Idioten pilgern zum Lard, um ihn wegen seiner Bewährungsstrafe zu verspotten: Twitter-link
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    Cultcow Brad Watson / Richard Bradshaw Watson

    Dick Cheney gets mentioned in the news all the time, though. Just google "Dick Cheney CNN" and you'll see.
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    DE Drachenlord / Rainer Winkler

    Bei den Spacken, die sich teilweise im Drachengame so rumtreiben, würde es mich nichtmal wundern, wenn einer absichtlich die Bude unter Wasser setzt, Gegenstände und Möbel zerstört oder -ob absichtlich oder nicht- die Bude abfackelt. Letzteres halte ich für sehr, sehr unwahrscheinlich, aber ich...
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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    At this point, I'm just wondering why she hasn't yet done the Kessel Run in 5 Parsec (after loosening the Falcon's handbrake that both Lando and Han never remembered to operate). Maybe in IX, she'll talk more languages more fluently than C3-P0 (I actually expect her to be able to read the...
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    DE Drachenlord / Rainer Winkler

    Das """Problem""" ist halt, dass die Jagdsaison auf Schmierbauchdrachen damit eröffnet ist, die Belagerung wird also noch schlimmer werden. Wer ihn jetzt zum Ausrasten bringt, der könnte ihn damit in den Knast bringen (Kostenpunkt: eine Speckschelle kassieren). Das dürfte für viele Haider genug...
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    A man nearing his 30s talks about Internet friends

    The remarkable thing is: If Kiwifarms was the hivemind of scummy people, run by a bunch of maniac misanthropes that only want to watch others suffer and make them kill themselves via concerted efforts and psychotic manipulation... we wouldn't have any of these issues. At all. If any of that...
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    Fun facts!

    I'm pretty sure, this is not true, since a lot of people were kept in darkness up till the modern age. Though it is apparently possible that you lose the concept of individuality and yourself when you are kept in dark solitary confinement for too long.
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    Pictures on the Internet that have made you laugh hysterically

    Is that the summary of the new Star Wars novel?
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    Tabletop Roleplaying Games (D&D, Pathfinder, CoC, ETC.)

    So, any experience with Kill Team, anyone? Some of my friends want to start it and purely on looks and style, I'm playing with the thought of getting the Astra Militarium Tempestus Scions (or playing them but substituting their minis with Death Korps of Krieg ones), but I have no clue how good...
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    TGWTG The Spoony One / Spoony / Noah Antwiler

    My point is that you're criticising behaviour (pushing a narrative) when the thing he did was saying "I was being a douche and there was no excuse for that." There was no narrative. It's ludicrous to criticise someone for taking responsibility for once instead of taking the easy way out and...

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