• “This is not the time or place for another black-dick joke”
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Jun 12, 2016
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January 2


Mildly fragranced for that fresh feeling.

True & Honest Fan
    1. Tiny Clanger
      Tiny Clanger
      Can we have one of those really loud 70's cakes with icing so hard it snaps yer teefs out? Oooooo can we, can we?
      Have a great day. Mmmwah!
      1. mrdk_04 and SakuraRose like this.
      2. SakuraRose
        Thank you! x
        And yes, we absolutely can have toof-cracking cake, as long as we can combine it with cheap Neapolitan ice-cream (from Beejams) topped with that weird ice magic chocolate sauce that hardens on contact with the ice-cream? Pleeeease mum?
        Jan 2, 2019
        mrdk_04 likes this.
    2. mrdk_04
      Are you another older woman like @Mariposa Electrique ?
      Please be my gf, I'm insecure around women my own age.
      1. Tiny Clanger and SakuraRose like this.
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      3. mrdk_04
        I'll try to keep some sandworm excrement on hand, should your coffee prove underwhelming.

        It's a date then.
        See you tomorrow at [REDACTED]!
        Jan 2, 2019
        Tiny Clanger likes this.
      4. Tiny Clanger
        Tiny Clanger
        @mrdk_04 Er.....that sounds less like coffee and more like a pudding in a cup (don't get me wrong, I'm all about pudding anywhere.) But where does the sausage go? I have so many questions...
        Jan 4, 2019
        mrdk_04 likes this.
      5. mrdk_04
        The pudding is located on top of the drink, picture an Irish Coffee.
        There is no sausage. Wiener roughly translates to: from Vienna. Wien is the German equivalent of Vienna.

        Trust me, next time you happen to stop in a competent coffee shop, order it.
        It's comfy as fuck.
        Jan 4, 2019
    3. Tiny Clanger
      Tiny Clanger
      Sorrreeeeee. Have another cup of tea on me.
      Same happened to me last year. I was on the train home from the family mauling and read Sneasel's immortal sex with fat girls post. I ended up snorting coffee all over everybody else then cackling like a maniac for about ten minutes.
      They don't let me on trains any more.
      1. SakuraRose likes this.
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      3. SakuraRose
        Mmmm, school food. Everything blended nicely into a beige mush, a stark contrast to the vile green plastic plates they used. Hoooork.

        I hope we've got a "terrible 1970s food" thread here, as I've got some great recipe books of vileness somewhere.... might be under my cauldron and broomsticks...
        Dec 30, 2018
        Tiny Clanger likes this.
      4. SakuraRose
        And last time I stepped into a melted pensioner, it took the patent shine off me new Pradas, urgh.
        Dec 30, 2018
        Tiny Clanger likes this.
      5. Tiny Clanger
        Tiny Clanger
        My Ma has the ultimate in 70's yellow food cookbooks, complete with glorious section on how to present a "tasteful" table complete with nylon cloth that emits sparks so powerful your guests get fried, plastic-handled cutlery (bougie) and glorious fake flower arrangement centrepiece.
        I'm seeing her next week - I'll get some pics of the plastic fabulousness for us.
        Dec 30, 2018
    4. Dragoonism
      Happy popping out of mom day!!!
      1. BoredAtHome and ShavedSheep like this.
    5. Ntwadumela
      Happy Birthday!
      1. BoredAtHome and ShavedSheep like this.
    6. Ntwadumela
      Beautiful avatar!
      1. SakuraRose
        Aw, thank you! :)
        Aug 16, 2016
      2. Ntwadumela
        Welcome ;)
        Aug 16, 2016
        BoredAtHome and ShavedSheep like this.
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