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  • don't wanna continue to personal post in the tranny thread, but the two people i know, i don't think the guy is an autogynephile at all, he's a bisexual with mental problems and his older brother (who is the type to send unsolicited dick pics to girls) has bullied him a lot including for being gay which i think really has not helped.
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    Yeah my guy isn't either. If I had to guess, he's just a basic dude with a bit of a cross dressing fetish who's drunk the koolaid and she's a moron who couldn't wait to tell everyone about her new lesbianism and her trans "wife" because it gets her a lot of attention from the woke.

    I agree there's internal turmoil about gayness involved in a lot of these stories though. It's sad tbh.
    Crunchy Leaf
    Crunchy Leaf
    having a low level cross dressing fetish is fairly normal and there's a decent amount of women who are into it, but the tranny hive mind convinces these guys they're 'eggs'. it's really unfortunate.
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