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    The Ren & Stimpy thread

    To this day, any episode that involves Ren completely losing it will make me laugh really hard. Thought it was the funniest shit when I was five years old, and I still find those moments to be just as hilarious. Stimpy's Fan Club was the first Macbeth reference I ever saw, by the way. lol.
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    Trainwreck Jaclyn Hill

    I've had a few issues with MAC lip glasses, too ... For some reason. Some MAC glosses last longer than others, from what I've found. Some of the glosses I've purchased from MAC over the years can go rancid VERY quickly. Some glosses I've been totally fine with, though. It's weird.
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    Outfit of the Day + Party Time

    She looks absolutely ginormous in that outfit. Moreso than usual, in my opinion. There's no way she isn't 600 pounds at this point. No fucking way.
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    Off-Topic Makeup! Clothes! "Girly stuff" thread

    I grew up with naturally wavy and fine hair and frizz was a daily issue for me, so I used to straighten my hair a LOT. I still do every so often. Here are some of my tips: 1. Heat protectant sprays are a must before ironing. Tresemme makes a great one that I've been using for over a decade...
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    I love how AOC compared this current situation to concentration camps. For, like, one day, a bunch of people were actually thinking for themselves. I saw the vast majority of people, even TDS sufferers, exclaiming how that statement was hyperbolic at best. Then, the media pushed forward the...
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    I used to have the ADV Boxed Sets of the first two seasons as well ... They were the WORST. But ... They were the best we had at the time, right? lol. In my opinion, I say you absolutely need to get the first season and Sailor Moon R from Viz Media's release to replace the ADV ones. They are...
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    To give Viz the benefit of the doubt, Toei screwed them over with the footage they gave them to work with. In 2005ish, the series was remastered and released on DVD in Japan (in these absolutely gorgeous boxed sets, too). Then, they released the series again on DVD in 2009 (as less of a...
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    Yup. Sailor Moon has had the messiest history in terms of its release in the United States. When Sailor Moon disappeared in the States altogether back in 2004, I spent ALL of that time downloading videos of the Japanese Region 2 DVDs that fans subtitled themselves. And now that Sailor Moon is...
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    Watched some Eva on Netflix: 1. The new dub is fine. It won't go down as one of the greatest dubs, but it is a VAST improvement over the first English dub, and I'm not at all sorry to say it. The old dub has always sucked. However, regardless of which dub was provided here, give me the...
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    Off-Topic Makeup! Clothes! "Girly stuff" thread

    Update #2 on the BB Cream situation: I tried the Missha M "Perfect Cover BB Cream" over the weekend, and dare I say, I love it even more than the Holika Holika one. It's long wearing, but feels light, doesn't smell like chemicals, has a shitton of SPF in it, and my skin has reacted insanely...
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    Trainwreck Jaclyn Hill

    Oh god yes. Haven't found a SINGLE issue with any of the ones I have, though ... Even with the ones that are technically "expired." (Yes, I'm one of those people who uses her makeup until it starts performing badly or until it starts smelling "off," because it's damn expensive. My face hasn't...
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    Careercow Max Landis

    I can totally see why they unlisted the videos, but it's sad that they felt the need to. They didn't know ... But we all know the angry mob would get on their case for interviewing him YEARS before this stuff came out.
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    Trainwreck ForeverKailyn / SincerelyKailyn / kmwbeauty / Kailyn Marie Hughes/Wilcher

    Yeah, that tends to happen if you spend most of your life eating the shittiest diet.
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    Trainwreck Jaclyn Hill

    One positive thing from this disaster is that it helped me discover RawBeautyKristi's channel. I've been binge-watching a lot of her videos over the past week, and she's super entertaining to watch. It's nice to find a popular YouTuber in the beauty community that isn't awful. lol.
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    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    It's almost as if she's completely aware that a lifestyle change would improve the quality of her life ... But she needs people to talk her out it. Amazing.

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