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    Sonic The Hedgehog Games

    ok next sonic game. its the sequel to sonic and sega all stars racing Sonic and All stars Racing Transformed. released on november 2012 for consoles and january 2013 for PC the game is the same as sonic and sega all stars racing, but now has transforming sections where you race in boats in...
  2. StoneKnightMan

    Skitzocow Alex Muholland / AlexLovesDuckman

    oh yea thats definitely her. i cant view it because this account blocked my da account so i had to take a look at it with a secret alt account i use. anyway. i checked her journals and shes complaining about her brother and wanting to murder him...
  3. StoneKnightMan

    Killing Floor 2

    Update: the summer event is going on now. new map. steam fortress. more guns. the seal squeal from KF1 returns. and a new medic/berserker weapon. the hemoclobber objective mode from kf1 returns and has been put in for 3 maps. and prestige rank 5 has been added for perks. clear the event...
  4. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    there was an earthquake in japan so nintendo had to delay some stuff.
  5. StoneKnightMan

    Sonic The Hedgehog Games

    one good thing i know for the treasure hunt levels in SA2 is how easy the hard mode stages can be once you get to know them. the emerald pieces don't change places and stay in one place. so if you remember where they are put and get them fast enough, you're guaranteed to get A rank alot easier...
  6. StoneKnightMan

    Sonic The Hedgehog Games

    next sonic game. Sonic Generations. released on november of 2011 for xbox 360, ps3, PC, and 3ds. in celebration of sonic's 20th anniversary the Story: sonic is celebrating his birthday with his friends, until he gets separated from everyone when a black void comes and sucks everyone in...
  7. StoneKnightMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    maybe rare will probably release the next banjo kazooie game to all platforms (nintendo switch, ps4, xbox one, and PC steam) instead of just xbox. if microsoft allows it though.
  8. StoneKnightMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    im so fucking hyped for dragon quest hero and banjo kazooie. im gonna post the trailers right here. by the way guys, do you know dragon quest's artist, Akira Toriyama? he's also the artist for Dragon ball and Chrono Trigger.
  9. StoneKnightMan

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    guys. the sequel is announced
  10. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    well her weapon can be worked with. since her weapon gives her more atk and spd if she has higher atk than her foe and her refine makes her receive reduced damage from foe's first attack if she initiates combat, its best to give her an asset in atk and the best A skill to give her is death blow...
  11. StoneKnightMan


    i think the reason why they added doomslayer grunting was because ID software is trying to make doom eternal close to the classics. because he did grunt when he got hurt in the classics. they're even adding weapons that are like the ones from the classics and even giving some enemies designs...
  12. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    also guys. the update has come today. the feh channel to know what was added and what will be added in the future. a new gamemode coming. Rokkr sieges. the update: concert hall was added to aether resorts. picnic leo (he has distant def) and haar (he has odd def wave) were added to heroic...
  13. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    the new heroes banner characters from fire emblem awakening Kjelle (lance armor) she is Sully's daughter. Brady (Staff Infantry) he is Maribelle's son Nah (red dragon infantry) she is nowi's daughter and Yarne (green beast cavalry) he is panne's son. and the GHB is cynthia (lance flier)...
  14. StoneKnightMan

    Sonic The Hedgehog Games

    in my opinion, the xbox version was better, because they add more characters. including banjo kazooie themselves. this is their all star theme.
  15. StoneKnightMan

    Sonic The Hedgehog Games

    ok. next sonic game. its pretty much a sega all stars game. sonic and sega all stars racing. released for the xbox 360, ps3, and wii in 2010 characters are sonic and his buddies and also characters from sega's other games. Characters: Sonic: Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Big The Cat Shadow Dr...

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