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  • I am killing the Proving Grounds board in a week, unless someone has an idea to make it work. (Thread) (Update 1)
  1. StoneKnightMan

    There are so many fucked up fandoms. I don’t even know what’s worse now.

    There are so many fucked up fandoms. I don’t even know what’s worse now.
  2. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    new heroes. from sacred stones. Tethys (Colorless Dagger Infantry) She is a dancer of Jehanna and member of Gerik's Mercenaries. she is the older sister of Ewan. Gerik (Axe Infantry) he is the leader of his mercenary group and worked with marisa. Ewan (Red Tome Infantry) he is a young mage...
  3. StoneKnightMan

    Killing Floor 2

    hey guys. the Christmas event is going on in the beta. they added a new boss. The Matriarch its actually Rachel Clamely, who is thinking she can stop her father, but she has become a monster herself like him. and holy hell that look. new community map called Sanitarium New Weapons: HRG...
  4. StoneKnightMan

    Skitzocow Nate Spidgewood / Nathaniel Edward Speed / Nate Speed / Nathaniel43284

    another sock account. he made this one just to keep replying to the same thread.
  5. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    hey guys. so the new legendary hero Leif (Colorless bow Cavalry) he is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem Thracia 776 and another protagonist in genealogy of the holy war. he is the son and second child of Quan and Ethlyn and Altena's younger brother and Seliph's cousin. after his parents...
  6. StoneKnightMan

    Skitzocow Nate Spidgewood / Nathaniel Edward Speed / Nate Speed / Nathaniel43284

    Guys! Nate just showed up again on WIkia! he commented in this thread that me and @GethN7 were talking in about a year ago his new account
  7. StoneKnightMan

    Skitzocow Alex Muholland / AlexLovesDuckman/ Dementcia

    ok. update since there has been silence in this thread for one month. i'll show whats going on right now with alex. i just recently checked her profiles her EtnoLovesDementcia isn't really used by her anymore as there has been no activity from it. you can see people make jokes about etno in...
  8. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    guys. next heroes added. from Fire Emblem Gaiden/ Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Forsyth (Lance Armor) he is a determined knight and a member of the Deliverance and a close friend of Python. he is in possession of the Sol Lance. one of Valentia's Three Regalia Python (Green Bow Cavalry) he is a...
  9. StoneKnightMan

    2019-10-19 - Australian eSafety: Banned in Australia

    first new zealand, now australia. is china the next country to ban kiwi farms?
  10. StoneKnightMan

    Skitzocow Nate Spidgewood / Nathaniel Edward Speed / Nate Speed / Nathaniel43284

    hey guys, so i decided to look back at the wikias that nate visited and i decided to go through the block logs and list all of his sockpuppets and IPs that were on those wikis.
  11. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    so i got l'arachel and hector and lilina on the banner from free summons and i got a +spd amelia from her banner. life is good. :biggrin: also. today it's 5x sp and exp. it will revert back to 2x on the 14th and later change back to 5x on the 19th and revert back to 2x again on the 21st
  12. StoneKnightMan

    Team Fortress 2

    more contracts and cosmetics. nice. something to do that means more trolling with mini sentries. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. StoneKnightMan

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

    new banner. the halloween banner. Ilyana (Blue Tome Armor) from path of radiance and radiant dawn. she is a mage that was traveling with a group of merchants but was found by daein soldiers and forced into fighting the greil mercenaries. Ike was able to convince her to join his group when he...
  14. StoneKnightMan

    Team Fortress 2

    Valve activated scream fortress early and will release new crates and contracts later on this month.
  15. StoneKnightMan

    Team Fortress 2

    hey guys. do you watch a youtuber called Nislt aka Sin? he makes videos of exploits and funny moments of tf2. he just recently made a comeback after 2 years of silence.

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