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  • You're my favorite newfag of the summerfag crop, so far. Rather bold and contribute very well to the various topics I have seen; Always making my noggin' joggin'. I can respect that about you! 😽
    (Even though you have thrown unnecessary shade at my homegorl Shaquana lol) 😡
    Strawberry Pocky
    Strawberry Pocky
    I think the boldness may come from 2+ years of daily lurking before actually making my account and getting up off my ass and contributing to discussion? Hahaha lol. Very stealth un-newfaggy in a way. And ALR aint the only lolcown in my field fo' sho. Thanks much my pal!!
    Dont worry about Shaquana too bad...I've actually had a lot of cool stuff to say about her in her own thread!
    Hiya! Welcome to the Farms. Enjoy
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    Strawberry Pocky
    Strawberry Pocky
    Its funny to recieve a welcome message, haha. You wouldn't believe how long I have been reading and lurking on KF wihout actually ever making an account. But its cool to finally join in for real
    Sure I'd believe it, I lurked for over a year before joining :)

    We're not a bad bunch; just make sure you've read the rules and apply them. It doesn't go well for those who don't.

    Hope to see ya around. Take care
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