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    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    From the comments of last night's livestream:
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    2019-03-17 - New Zealand Police: "We would like to preserve any posts and technical data including IP addresses, email addresses etc"

    Do these warnings ever hold up in court? You can't prevent someone from sharing an email they recieved without prior comunication, right?
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    Trashfire #Killstream March 4th, 2019 (&/or's death)

    just broke 5k. to be fair, this is a very high profile guest, but the same could be said for Ralph with dick and nick
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    Wow, we can give different ratings to profile posts now.

    Wow, we can give different ratings to profile posts now.
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    What are you playing right now?

    Tetris 99 has been fun so far. I still can't do a Tspin to save my life, but I'll get a win eventually.
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    Corey Barnhill / [Lulz] Xyrix / RuxPin / Zoom / Internet GodSpeed

    It's not even that. 'If you manage a board where people post stories, you're a pedo' is what zoom is saying, which is even less convincing.
  8. The biggest iron

    Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort

    Man, that was gay. The only funny thing was Warski cheating, but everything seemed super petty on Crp's end.
  9. The biggest iron

    Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort

    Edit: Based keem.
  10. The biggest iron

    Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort

    Tonight in a nutshell.
  11. The biggest iron

    Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort

    Well, that was something. Rip the Knoxville Knockout Krew. Edit: Why bring this up?
  12. The biggest iron

    Andy Warski / Adam "Race" Warski / Andy Pires / Warski Live / The Warski Show

    from earlier in the thread: I'm not sure of the validity of it though.
  13. The biggest iron

    Ethan Ralph / TheRalphRetort

    Well, Dispatch is no longer a paying customer/user of, so they may turn a blind eye. Maybe if enough people throw a fit over it.

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