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    Fuck you Jack we shot you in the face.

    Well at least I did.
    The handsome tard
    The handsome tard
    That was Timothy, bandit. Guess he wont have to worry about the loans anymore. Hyperion sent flowers and his browser history to his family.
    FH 721
    Please explain to me how is it you're the president of a massively powerful and rich corporation with your own diamond pony that shits guns but you can't afford some decent pretzels.
    The handsome tard
    The handsome tard
    Well, bandit, you see...pretzels production was at an alltime high before I murdered worked my way up to the top of Hyperion. That was all thanks to the Claptraps being surprisingly good at producing decent pretzels.....
    And well, too bad they annoyed me enough for me to press the kill switch on them...Its their fault really.
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    Hey there, handsome tard here! I just wanted to wish you a great day because I know that I will always be having one better than you bandits.
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