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    Fall 2019 Merch Run

    Placing my order shortly 8)
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    Secret Gamer Girl / SecretGamerGrrl / Googleshng / "Violet Hargrave" / Jacob Lawrence (Jake) Alley / World Domination, LLC

    Jesus Christ, 40 years old and less than 14k total over your lifetime... that’s some horrorcow shit right there, that’s just sad and horrifying in ways that are difficult to quantify. Chris has made more, actual literal tards have made more, I know teenagers who have made more and they can’t...
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    Manosphere Matt Forney

    Lmao we love Fatt Horney
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    A man nearing his 30s talks about Internet friends

    Hey we’re not gone, not all of us anyway
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    Dogs still around but hey, feeling a certain type of way

    Dogs still around but hey, feeling a certain type of way
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    Inactive Dynastia / Fagnasty / Caylen Matthew Burroughs

    Its okay for Dynastia to go if he wants to, but the one thing I always found amusing was how people built his legend up to the point where everyone perceived him as being bigger than he really is. I can't be the only person who remembers that back in the day Dynastia was a regular poster, with...
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    NoraReed / Nora Fleck / Nora Reed Heineman-Fleck, Sugar Daddy John Fleck, and the Norasphere

    guys guys guys She's no longer a sadistic thumb She's the whole hand!!!! :lit:
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    Still hope you're doin well

    Still hope you're doin well
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    that fetus

    that fetus
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    Skitzocow Susan Stone / David L. Stone / Dance Of Life

    Man he drives like a Swift driver. I'm serious, google "Swift Truck Accidents" and watch some shit and be scared of semis on the roads, they're the largest trucking company in the continental US and it seems like they deliberately hire morons to drive for them (not to say that all Swift drivers...
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    Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe

    lol grugly can never compare himself to anyone ever again, christ his bad decisions are catching up to his face and beating it aren't they
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    8/22/2019 - Thirsty Thursday

    Like, I’ve seen more viscerally disgusting things on here but for some reason this whole thread in particular really triggers my fight or flight response
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    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    Based solely upon that video I can officially declare Lucas incapable of winning a fight with anything or anyone Babies, old people, kids, he'll get drilled by anything
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    Off-Topic Is Jennifer really the monster we're making her out to be?

    Lol you only say you’re in the top 8% compared to body weight because you’re literally 100 pounds

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