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    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Wasn't it funny how being doxxed didn't stop MKR'rs "Idea Guy-ing?"
  2. TrippinKahlua

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    If Chris wants to keep buying Funko Pops then he should get a job at the recycling plant sorting glass. It's just three hours a day.
  3. TrippinKahlua

    Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread

    Get a job Chris. Then you can prioritize all you want.
  4. TrippinKahlua

    Are you THAT Shane or the Rerez Shane?

    Are you THAT Shane or the Rerez Shane?
  5. TrippinKahlua

    One Piece

    sigh I get it. The anime doesn't take as much breaks as the manga. But come on. I really thought I would see Marie Jois this weekend.
  6. TrippinKahlua

    YT: 4/20 Sonichu Headquarters google intro video

    This could potentially be the final nail in the coffin for the finances of the Chandlers. Chris has no business officially labeling that rotted house as a "Headquarters" He also better not label himself as "CEO" of Sonichu Headquarters due to him having a basic understand what a CEO is, but not...
  7. TrippinKahlua

    YT: 4/20 Sonichu Headquarters google intro video

    I think Chris has taken some cues and is deciding to pursue professional prospects. Too bad his plan of being Willy Wonka for cartoon dimensions will not work.
  8. TrippinKahlua

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Using that Bloody blushing emoji is apparently his version of morning wood.
  9. TrippinKahlua

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    Isn't this whole subforum about this?
  10. TrippinKahlua

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    I dunno who Iago is yet. This shitstorm is happening during Easter Rush and I don't have much time for research
  11. TrippinKahlua

    Monica Rial / Monica Jean Rial / Rialisms & Ron Toye / Ronald Toye III / rontoye3

    Chris met Monica in 2005 and now she is a lolcow. Shouldnt pozload my neghole
  12. TrippinKahlua

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    I met Vic ten years ago. I discovered Chris that November and Bob Chipman that April. Now all three are lolcows
  13. TrippinKahlua

    Twitter 4/15 - Chris Wishes people could see Dimensional Merge, Claims Sightings of Anime Characters.

    Careful with what you say Mr Dude. Paypigs might just do that to convince him the merge is happening.
  14. TrippinKahlua

    Twitter 4/19 - Chris thinks Team Rocket is attacking people through their dreams

    Actually this is kinda like how Chris stole Simonchu. Only this time there's no real person to threaten him with lawsuits but a fictional Yakuza boss with magical animals. But that's only crazier. Sure got "better" ten years ago.
  15. TrippinKahlua

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    I wonder how many of Scooby Doo's incarnations will survive? The 60s Stoner College Clique kids? The 70s grown ups with Scrappy Doo? Flim-Flam and Vincent Price from 13 Ghosts? Will the late 80s kids be there? Silly Chris. Nancy Pelosi is a Scarecrow in terms of appearance, personality and...

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