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    The Xeno Games

    First Xeno game I played was Xenoblade a few years ago but I never finished it because things got in the way. But I a month ago got Xengears mainly because I've been obsessed with Gnosticism having read the major scriptures and I heard Xenogears was heavily based on it so I had to play it. I...
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    Unpopular Opinions about Video Games

    I've been playing a lot of old Square Soft games like Parasite Eve, Xenogears and a lot more that I could list, but after playing these games I feel now that I can say Final Fantasy, a series which I used to hold in high regard, is an extremely overrated series that needs to be put out of it's...
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    Hey guys, how has everyone been?

    I guess I've been doing good, I've been going to college, haven't missed a day and just recently did good on my exams, getting an A on Psych and B- on Socio. My health is probably the best it's been after going on a diet and have been losing a lot of weight.
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    UN appoints Saudi Arabia as leader of human rights

    Love the face the guy on the right is kind of making, it's like he knows they've made a mistake in doing this.
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    Say something nice about the person above you!

    Has a great positive-negative rating ratio.
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    Sarah Nyberg / @srhbutts / Sarah Butts / Nicholas Nyberg

    It's shit like this pisses me off and made me give up on social issues/politics. Conservatives have been saying for years that if the left ever allowed things like gay marriage and the social acceptance of Homosexuals that it would be slipper slope that would allow acceptance of Incest...
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    Infected TV Tropes community

    The only time I really use TV Tropes is for when I want to look for games that might be similar to something I like or the Awesome Music just to look for some cool music. The only page I really liked to read a long time ago was the So Bad It's Horrible Pages which is where I learned about the...
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    Skitzocow Taxman / Kyle Hawkins

    Eh... if that's the only way to understand what the hell he's babbling, then forget I ever asked. I've lived in sweet blissful ignorance about the "lore" of MLP since Bronies first came into existence and I rather keep it that way.
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    Skitzocow Taxman / Kyle Hawkins

    Has Taxman ever gone into detail on what he think is going to happen when he finally makes it to Hell Equestria? Obviously he's thinks it's going to be some form of paradise where he'll meet his pony husbando, but does he believe when he get's there he'll become a pony himself? Does he think...
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    What's your avatar? thread

    I had a Grahf from Xenogears avatar for a little while, but I ended up changing it to this Lina Inverse gif I found. Honestly this avatar brightens my day more than looking a villain from one of the most depressing video games I've ever played.
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    Skitzocow Taxman / Kyle Hawkins

    OK THEN, looks like the crazy train is finally derailing. Take one last look a Taxman kids because it looks like this train ain't coming back anytime soon :c. -edit- Also can we not shit up this thread again with white knighting. I don't want to see this thread get locked by mods again like...
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    Brianna Wu / John Flynt

    The magnanimous Brianna Wu, one of the greatest Martyr's against the vile Gamergate is coming to my humble state of MN!? Makes me wish this event was in the dead of winter so John would freeze what ever the hell is left of his balls off. It honestly would be interesting to actually to see and...
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    Brianna Wu / John Flynt

    That's why I'm a little bit surprised why no one in Flynt's clique has caught on to it and hasn't bitched at him to change it. Hypocrisy of SJW types I guess, they're willing to contradict their opinions with the things they love, but like you said as soon as the rest herd declares it...
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    Brianna Wu / John Flynt

    I still find it kind of amusing how Flynt is still using Cloud of Darkness for an avatar. I think I said this a long time ago or someone else might have, but if people want to know, Cloud of Darkness is a villain from Final Fantasy III and even though "she" looks a sexy woman, it's actually a...
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    Video Game Music

    I've been listen to the Xenogears Soundtrack. I haven't listen to all of it yet because I've still playing through the game and rather hear the songs through the game first, but here is some of my favorite tracks so far. Songs like "Lost... Broken Shards" and "Faraway Promise" do genuinely...

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