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    What was the most beta thing you’ve ever done?

    I cried at Pixar movies. Every single one of them, except the Incredibles 1/2. The other day one of my friends wanted to rewatch Coco and at minute 18 I was in tears even though the really sad part is much later.
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    Disney General

    Really? So I hope that Olaf doesn't sing this time.
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    Today I have... Thread.

    Today I've licked a flake of magnesium chloride to see if it tastes as bitter as pure magnesium. It doesn't, but the taste is awful nonetheless.
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    Other people's art that we like

    Omy-chan is a fanartist that dabbles into Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Attack on Titan. She's one of those rare tumblr artists that don't smear SJWness and gender shit all over their work. Also, she's actually competent. The only thing I can't stand about her is that she is one of those...
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    Tranny Sideshows on Social Media

    Yes. And when things for the LGBT will inevitably get rougher, these fuckers will leave the burning house, quietly "detransitioning" and returning to their previous predicament of loser incels, while the others will have to face the consiquences, it doesn't matter if they didn't support troonery...
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    Tranny Sideshows on Social Media

    Mmhhh. Never give limits to the perversion of these feticists. Once, on the terf reddit, I've read a post written by a volunteer who taught English to... Siryan women, i think? Anyway, she was teachig this class to a bunch of female refugees, when one evening a troon in a typical female Muslim...
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    Culture Tranny News Megathread

    Meanwhile, in Britbongstan... Source I can't archive it and I don't know why. Anyway this is connected to the discussion we were having a few days ago, about Labour banning mixed sex wards and at the same time reinforcing sex-segregated spaces. So, if we have to believe LGBT+Labour, everybody...
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    Jamie Lee Curtis condemns parents who show kids Halloween

    Well, adults can 'filter' what they watch through personal experiences, humor, irony... most children haven't those kinds of defences, it's all more raw to them. Sometimes even the presence of a parent can't soften the impact of certain scenes. My niece has been traumatized by Bambi, I'm sure...
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    Culture Tranny News Megathread

    That girl was all "I'm a trans supporter stop your bigotry" and the troon had already smeared her on social media, hinting she's a terf. I wonder if she knows that, and if she would protest with "Jen" for his entitlement, or maybe apologize to him for dropping out of their second date. The...
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    books you used to like but now hate

    Heart, by Edmondo De Amicis. It's the kind of book you have to read when you are very young and innocent, then you have to close it, put it away and not open it for the rest of your life. Because if you read it as an adult, you see all the condescence, all the classism, all the hypocrisy hidden...
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    Opinion What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV

    Apparently he had a lot of side affairs, with two or three women at the same time, and from what he said they were meant to be meaningful relationships, not just random hookups. Ew. So much this. The idea that people should compromise on their comfort, health, sexual boundaries and time to...
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    Opinion What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV

    Sadly, in 2017 they decided that infecting and unsuspecting partner with a severe illness is deserving of at least 8 years of jail, and we couldn't do anything about it 🤷‍♀️ Seriously, he has been lucky. If they gave him 8 years for every woman he infected he would never come out of prison...
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    Opinion What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV

    I had already heard this kind of fuckery, but it stayed on Tumblr and reddit until now. "Not fucking HIV people is bigotry, and you can take perfectly safe drugs to prevent the disease, if you think the condom isn't enough!". I would comment on the kind of absurd entitlement that every minority...
  14. TungstenCarbide

    Culture Tranny News Megathread

    I wonder what they mean with "sex". Because if they mean "the sex marker you have on your birth certificate" this, along with the insistence on selfid, could be a disaster for women in Britain.

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