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Apr 13, 2018
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Dec 2, 1983 (Age: 35)
Shakedown Street
Purveyor of the headiest grilled cheese on lot.

W00K #17

Can i have a swill of your beer pham?, 35, from Shakedown Street

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Viewing thread Amber says dumb shit on social media, Jan 17, 2019 at 3:07 PM
    1. Timecube
      I, too, enjoy a 30 minute Dark Star. Follow your bliss, brah.
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      2. W00K #17
        W00K #17
        Listened to Veneta '72 on a country drive today. Bliss is right bruh.
        Nov 5, 2018
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    2. thejackal
      Wow that's a sweet picture of the bass. I guess I never put two and two together with the whole "large mouth" thing. Not sure what I thought they used that large mouth for other than completely engulfing bluegills. Bluegill are good eatin' too.
      1. W00K #17
        W00K #17
        Yeah their mouthes are pretty rad. Big enough to create a vacuum and all hard and bony. They can pretty much eat whatever can fit in it.
        Nov 2, 2018
    3. greengrilledcheese
      Be Good Family brah
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      2. W00K #17
        W00K #17
        Jah bless
        Nov 2, 2018
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    Dec 2, 1983 (Age: 35)
    Shakedown Street
    Purveyor of the headiest grilled cheese on lot.
    getting pinned is a big deal and its a huge thing. If its done right, its planned in advance and its a huge surpise to the kid in question.

    My pinning was a huge deal, and happened the night after 10k after everyone left and our kids got permission to stay on the land for a few days and clean up before we left for yellowstone and glacier during the off days between 10k and seattle. Camp was kicking, a few off our kids where in the kitchen getting dinner ready, some kids where getting the fire started, and me and dawn and few others where out on a groundscore mission. This was just after the sun went down, we where walking up to camp (camp goodness sponsered by cookies, that is!!!) when 7-8 of our kids are walking towards me with this distinct look on their face. Now, about my actual pinning... Catch me in the real world sometime, ill tell you over a bowl, but something like that is just to personal to discuss over the internet. Lets just say it was special. I will say this, after i got pinned, dawn gives me this huge kiss and is like "baby you deserved that."

    After i got pinned we all had a huge celebration. It was a special time. We had a huge family dinner, and after dinner a sheet was put in a bottle of orange juice and everyone was ceremonially dropped by the Rev.

    Wings arent to be bought, or put on yourself.
    You earn wings by bringing your energy to the scene day in day out, letting your light shine, and proving time after time that you are FAMILY. Just by being a solid kid.

    Wings are a big deal, and i didnt even understand that until i got pinned. Having a pair of wings on you does a lot for you. Regardless of the few sketch kids who either have spent to much time on tour or bought their wings and pinned themselves, when someone sees you have your wings, they know youv been around a minute and that your trustworthy, and most importantly, that you are family.
    It took me years to get my wings and i didnt even realize i was being watched and that i was wanted.

    Im a terrapin over the bolt... Mine were worn for years by the kid who pinned me before they where put on me.

    I caught the dead, but i dont consider myself to be a dead kid by any means. I love the dead, but it just wasnt my scene, i missed that wave. Having wings and all that comes with it really has nothing to do with the grateful dead, its about family, and what this scene is all about at its heart. It says a lot for a person if they have their wings.


    Sorry that you never saw 1.0 brah
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