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Jan 13, 2019 at 5:13 PM
Mar 22, 2017
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wes was last seen:
Jan 13, 2019
    1. chekovia
      Are you still being stalked by God. If so, why?
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      2. chekovia
        Uh....good...I guess.....
        Dec 20, 2018
      3. wes
        You are aware I'm not being serious, right? I'm referencing Lagoona equating being blocked by Chris as being blocked by god Lmao
        Dec 20, 2018
      4. chekovia
        No. You are serious and I am very scared.
        Dec 20, 2018
    2. 2odastream
      Let's look at the funk!
      1. Desire Lines and wes like this.
    3. STALKER
      The. Concept. Of. Love.
      1. wes and J A N D E K like this.
      2. wes
        Nov 7, 2018
        STALKER likes this.
    4. UnsufficentBoobage
      Thanks for liking my sprites (so far, people only asked me what the shitdick the gold one is supposed to be), linework on such scale is my bane, so advice is appreciated ^^
      1. wes likes this.
      2. wes
        Oct 29, 2018
        UnsufficentBoobage likes this.
      3. UnsufficentBoobage
        I legit started to draw sprites as a way to break art block (and they were mostly pokemon edits at the start), but it's just so interesting to do) And damn, jpgs...

        Aha,thanks^w^ The problem is, some details have this stuff intentionally, cause single lines looked weird or to show shade (my way of shading is butt-ugly, and relies on a square pattern, so there are dots that end near the lines).
        Oct 29, 2018
        wes likes this.
      4. UnsufficentBoobage
        I also had to make the demon's proboscis shorter to make his belly look better, it just refused to be readable with something crossing it or even stuffed into the negative space in front...can't figure out the shading on belly, too, it looks like titty all the time :(
        Oct 29, 2018
        wes likes this.
    5. Burning Fanatic
      Burning Fanatic
      You don't have to do this, though I recommend putting the recent video from PieGuy in your OP. It addresses a short timeline of the Oaxis drama.
      1. wes likes this.
      2. wes
        Yeah, I plan on editing the OP a lot more next time I can get onto my computer. (there's only so much I can tolerate while on mobile. Lol) But thanks for the suggestion, I'm glad that my thread at least has promise
        Jul 22, 2018
    6. FaggotMao
      Oh my god, Is that the fighting butler from Human Killing Machine
      1. wes likes this.
      2. wes
        Lol yes. I considered using Shepski, but Franz captured my heart
        Jul 6, 2018
      3. FaggotMao
        Jul 6, 2018
      4. Ginger Piglet
        Ginger Piglet
        Should have had the battle whore from the Amsterdam board.
        Jul 16, 2018
    7. Ass eating cunt
      Ass eating cunt
      You share the name of my favorite director! Also welcome to the farms
      1. wes likes this.
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      3. Ass eating cunt
        Ass eating cunt
        Actually Wes Anderson lol, but I do like horror movies!
        May 27, 2018
        wes likes this.
      4. wes
        Lol whoops. Andersen's stuff is great too! Isle of Dogs was great; especially watching SJWs complain that it's appropriating Japanese culture when I saw a lot of Japanese people love it. Gets the noggin joggin'
        Jun 7, 2018
        Ass eating cunt likes this.
      5. Ass eating cunt
        Ass eating cunt
        Yeah lol, I actually find his stop motion better laika's, his is just more distinct
        Jun 7, 2018
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