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  1. Somari1996

    I have amazing taste From The United States of America
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  2. Chicken Picnic

    aka crippled picnic From UK
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  3. Oh Ok Yeah That's Cool

  4. momomoguri

    im like TT, just like TT 20
  5. RomanesEuntDomus

    May contain nuts. 34
  6. Equinox_

    Binge Monster tbh From The Moon
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  7. CrackerBarrel

    Keep your stupid comments in your pocket 30 From Stinky Pete's Hog Heaven
  8. urotsukidoji14

  9. T.O.M.T.I.T.

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  10. Relic 31

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  11. saladimitate

  12. Capsaicin Addict

    Just a fellow who loves spicy food. From Somewhere
  13. Mecharmadillo

    Professional jackass
  14. Wright

  15. OldAmishRenegade

  16. EvilDroid64

  17. Max33

  18. Bliss

  19. Pickelhaube

  20. ProgKing of the North

    ^^^^FUCKTARD^^^^ 26 From Arriving somewhere but not here
  21. Solomon

    33 From Xenia, Ohio
  22. Washedupdrunk69lol

  23. Kill all whales

    just here to laugh at people
  24. Ellesse_warrior

    ASBO Queen
  25. OneHandClapping

    Shamefur dispray From by the Bay
  26. Judge Dredd

    10 Gaschamber 20 GOTO 10
  27. ConfederateIrishman

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  28. BBChannel

    Moon Cancer From Your Chaldea
  29. ATaxingWoman

    Professional Ikea Visiting Tax Investigator From 国税庁 (The National Tax Agency)
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  30. scotts_3101

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  31. Teignmouth Electron

    A mite slapdash.
  32. Imperial Guardsman

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  33. Chichan

  34. Barnard

  35. Dizzydent

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