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I’m sorry, I didn’t see the PM! I’d love to make a new spooky thread! I’ve collected more stories and short films I’d like to share. I’ll put together a thread this week.
Cheers! I’ll share mine in there too.

Also, I started listening to the nosleep podcast which you recommended to me a while ago and it really is god tier stuff. It’s not just that the narrators are generally good, the stories they pick are amazing too.
I know, I love that podcast! I really need to pick it up again, I haven’t listened in a while. I like how they usually pick stories that weren’t heavily upvoted on No Sleep because there are tons of hidden gems on there.
That is definitely a good thing about the podcast. I find quite a few stories that get upvoted on nosleep are actually dogshit and only get popular because they’re edgy or gory rather than being genuinely creepy or well-written. Look at how popular Jeff the Killer and Tails Doll are ffs.
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