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  1. Anchuent Christory

    Characters you used to get a b*ner over as a kid

    For the most part I was thinking "none, really" Then I recalled having a mild infatuation with this image of Candy from Fighting Vipers back in the day.
  2. Anchuent Christory

    Characters you used to get a b*ner over as a kid

    Something, something, bulging sack, something, something, white Christmas.
  3. Anchuent Christory

    Random Pics and Gifs

    TED,TED! D'you want a peanut?
  4. Anchuent Christory

    Random Pics and Gifs

    Reminds me of Pyramid Head for some reason.
  5. Anchuent Christory

    Lovequest Relationship is now "It's complicated"

    The internet is literally bursting with simpering, spineless cretins eager to give up everything for the slightest bit of female attention. There are far easier marks than Chris that have more to give, are less repulsive, and don't have an entire circus of idiocy surrounding them.
  6. Anchuent Christory

    LGBT What is the most defining aspect of Chris as a lolcow?

    He never took this genuinely meaningful advice from his favourite teacher. The rest, is Christory.
  7. Anchuent Christory

    Lovequest 9/17/17 Facebook Chris Draws Jessica As A Pony

    When the inevitable betrayal happens, it's gonna be fucking tragic.
  8. Anchuent Christory

    Horrorcow Adele and Matt Allen / The Unconventional Parent

    It also dawned on me that if everyone planted a fruit tree or bush there would be a bountiful supply of locally produced food! We could also plant nut trees, the potential to create sustainable,free, abundant nutritious and delicious food is endless, not great for the economy maybe, but I’m sure...
  9. Anchuent Christory

    Horrorcow Adele and Matt Allen / The Unconventional Parent

    So right now, those of us from the UK of a certain age are basically thinking about the Viz comic strip "The Modern Parents" only it isn't satire? Seriously, if they want to live in the jungle and shit themselves to death, by all means go ahead, just don't drag your kids into into it.
  10. Anchuent Christory

    9/12 "Jessie is a real and genuine person"

    Chris has no empathy, show him none in return - Ancient Kiwi proverb.
  11. Anchuent Christory

    Lovequest FB 9/9 - Chris Draws a Picture of Jessica

    The reveal after reading the thread title and clicking was far better than anything I could have hoped for.

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