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  1. Marissa Moira

    Former Strong Female Icon of the Game Industry reduced to working for porn.

    Julie Uhrman also known as the Crazy Ouya Lady is currently in the process of running what remains of Playboy into the ground. I dunno this struck me as funny, she's been there since September of last year. Backers still don't have all their Ouyas...
  2. Marissa Moira

    Frozen II: God of War

    Boy what the hell did they do? Elsa must now take on the Norwegian equivalent of the Trials of Hercules or something. I think that water horse is supposed to be a kelpie so maybe they're not specifically sticking to the lore in and around Norway. The water effects look amazing and they probably...
  3. Marissa Moira

    The act of buying a doll for a child

    With the new Aladdin movie there's now a flood of jasmine dolls and none of them look screen accurate. This is apparently intentional because Jasmine is considered the most visually provocative out of all the Disney princesses. A good chunk of the stock just isn't selling. They've either given...
  4. Marissa Moira

    Microsoft Goes Full Blizzard

    Just to show that Microsoft is down with the fellow cool kids, here's what they list as acceptable trash talk. They've also updated their Terms of Service because Nanny X-box will and can delete your account if you pull any shit. Are you ready to love your fellow man in a 48 person death...

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