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  1. Die Wotansperg

    Tacky Clothes of Tumblr

    i was confused over the farms making fun of someone with cancer, then i saw this pic on desktop and noticed the fucking hairline why there were a few outfits earlier in the thread (now vastly too old to really warrant comment) where i thought "that would be salvageable if you changed [x]. the...
  2. Die Wotansperg

    Gross The Slaton Sisters / Amy Slaton & Tammy Slaton

    I'd argue that's what he was seeing when he made Shub-nigurath, "Formless, writhing, screeching mass" is a far better descriptor for the Slatons... fuck, it's a pretty good descriptor without the filter
  3. Die Wotansperg

    Artcow Kendall Mackenzie Bolde

    It's surprisingly more dependant on certain base features, and even some tendencies. I've seen examples of horomones doing wonders at 50, and doing jack in the "golden period". it really does seem to be a craps shoot sometimes. that being said, I'd almost want to theorize insanity has a...
  4. Die Wotansperg

    Gross The Slaton Sisters / Amy Slaton & Tammy Slaton

    How can you eat so fucking much yet have such shit taste in food. fruit flavored white chocolate is delicious. fuck you. First one seems unlikely, if it's an allergic reaction, it wouldn't have the kind of mottling between the palor, it would probably be a uniform pinkness. second one would be...
  5. Die Wotansperg

    Gross The Slaton Sisters / Amy Slaton & Tammy Slaton

    expecting the farms to lose yet another lolcow this year, Dog Prom? that being said, I am actually quite surprised, something's clearly quite wrong, and not just in the usual way the farms are used to. You're actually right about that redness in the face, that kind of bizarre pallor is actually...
  6. Die Wotansperg

    Inactive Chance Carmichael / AFatChance / 600goingon700 / 700goingon800 / idontwantthisbutok

    Jesus Christ, I'm not entirely sure if I feel disappointed that I squandered my Dominar Raseth joke on the Slaton sisters thread, or fucking horrified that it would almost be unfitting because I'm 80% sure that this guy is about 50-100 lbs heavier than Raseth's canonical "I am literally to lazy...
  7. Die Wotansperg

    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Motherfucking... you can't be serious is this crazy pseudoplanet trying to fucking romanticize SLEEP APNEA?
  8. Die Wotansperg

    Tacky Clothes of Tumblr

    one thing's for sure, if she survived cancer, she doesn't need to put herself through those glasses
  9. Die Wotansperg

    Tacky Clothes of Tumblr

    Material's a good bit too dark, and the studs on the front don't seem the most appealing, but this has potential for a good number of outfits. that being said, while the "cute country girl" aesthetic tends to favor messy hair, putting an entire former wolverine on your head was a questionable...
  10. Die Wotansperg

    Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls / Mallorie Jessica Udischas-Trojan / Jesse William Trojan / Jessica Udischas

    outside of agreeing with the latino thing, I'd argue it's tasteful compared to the average reaction I've seen. and that's pretty fucking depressing
  11. Die Wotansperg

    Cuteosphere / Dragondicks / Ponydreamdiary

    Is it just me, or does anyone think that if Cuteo actually dropped the "3 edgy 5 pastel uwu" front, and managed to (by some miracle) get some self awareness, that she'd actually be half-decent at writing death metal and/or goregrind lyrics? Always so close to self-awareness, and yet so far...
  12. Die Wotansperg

    Numerology exceptional individuals

    Whenever I saw someone doing something like that, I thought they were... Y'know... Joking.
  13. Die Wotansperg

    Cuteosphere / Dragondicks / Ponydreamdiary

    To me, this just reads "We haven't found the Alt tumblr she posts the fandom related rape and/or guro on"
  14. Die Wotansperg

    Random Tumblr posts

    Because if they just openly admitted it, then they'd have to recognize they're jut like the patriarchal shitlords they hate. AKA obfuscation tactics.
  15. Die Wotansperg

    Random Tumblr posts

    I know I'm not going to be the first or last to ask this question, but the one question the phrasing of the post brings up: What exactly is these people's concept of gender? the constant use of murky non-specifics really does call that into question. Hell, do these people even know what the fuck...
  16. Die Wotansperg


    Good Gods this guy seems like a Shadowrun character divorced from time.
  17. Die Wotansperg

    SJW Art and Extremes

    Fucking damnit tumblr, that's goddamn near perfect outside the RANDOM ROSACEA BECAUSE WHYYYY NOT. they missed the mark by only the tiniest of margins. it's just ridiculously garish
  18. Die Wotansperg

    SJW Art and Extremes

    YOU SEE IVAN, WHEN HEAD IS SMALLER THAN HAND, CAN BLOCK BULLET TO FACE WITH PALM I'd normally make a comment about the particular insanity of the fetish art in question, or some long winded rant about how in order for that scale difference to exist IRL, the spine would need to stretch like a...
  19. Die Wotansperg

    Cuteosphere / Dragondicks / Ponydreamdiary

    Too creatively bankrupt to make up a reason for your asinine behavior and too disingenuous to just say you're trolling? Why not staple yourself to an ideology! oh why the hell am I even posting this in the dragon dicks thread, that sentence describes 90% of tumblr by this point
  20. Die Wotansperg

    Titpee / This is Thin Privilege

    There's something I've seen numerous times in this thread that I want to comment on/refute A fatty can in fact look like Jabba the hutt, and still die of malnutrition from not eating "enough" However, as has become a running theme for my long running, clinical sounding, probably boring but...

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