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    Law Six Charged With Sharing Massacre Video in New Zealand

    Downtime Placeholder Gifs/Songs

    Clearly the perfect gif for a placeholder, because beet for borsht, and its simple enough that it would work with most any track selected to play with it. Keeping along the vein of @Null having used Undertale the last time we went down for a maintenance window, I went with this track.

    British woman in Tenerife found with turtle in vagina after night out partying An emergency room doctor in a hospital in Mojón de Arona, in the south of the Canary Island of Tenerife, could not believe what he was seeing when, on Saturday, he attended to a British woman who was complaining of...

    Can an Office Temperature Be ‘Sexist’? Women, and Science, Say So Tldr: You're a sexist, mysoginstic shitlord if your office is set below 76f at all times.

    Surgery [24 May 18] Hospitalization, Fear of Being Disappeared by the State

    CW GRS Surgery, Hospitalization, fear of being disappeared by the state . /. /. ,. HEY EVERYONE it would be cool if we have people on the outside advocating for me while I am in the hospital. As wonderful as GRS Surgery is happening for me tomorrow morning , We do live in an authoritarian...

    Surgery [23 May 18] - Bowel Prep & Stalking Adventures

    So, it's apparently a huge deal to show off that he bought this $2 bottle of laxative in december, in preparation for his surgery. Now, while I'm not convinced that this surgery is happening in the first place, why would you stockpile a laxative that far in advance when it's easily available...

    [8 Apr 18] ADF Instagram Livestream

    Phil was so hard up for attention over the weekend, that he decided to hold an impromptu livestream on his instagram, allowing me the opportunity to capture and share it with the rest of you.

    Surgery [1 Apr 18] GRS Surgery and Recovery Planner Calendar

    Hey @Ravenor, @Smutley, and all the others who shot down Phils surgery letter, it looks like he's decided to double down yet again to try and prove just how hard he's working to get his surgery done. April 2018 Lets start with the current month of April, and the first glaring falsehoods that...

    Surgery [30 Mar 18] Surgery Confirmation Letter & More

    Now, this might just be my common mindset of pessimism regarding all things Phil, but the general rule of thumb is that the MOMENT he gets something of interest/value in his eyes, he immediately goes to the world to shout about it and show it off. The smugposting when he got his bike(that he's...
  10. JSGOTI

    Australatina 3/24/18 - Australatina Is No More

    It would appear that his newfound infatuation with Kylo Ren and the First Order has reached it's peak, to the point that he is now planning on renaming his entire fake country to focus more intensely upon this newfound obsession of his.
  11. JSGOTI

    Elsa from ‘Frozen’ rescues Boston Police wagon during nor’easter

    Move over Boston Yeti. Come on down Elsa. A man dressed as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen sprung into action last night (March 13) during the nor’easter, helping a Boston Police Department wagon out of a slippery predicament in the South End. It went down outside The Gallows gastropub on Washington...
  12. JSGOTI

    Tattoos 3/14/18 - Yet again, even more horrible ink

    And once more, our favorite spud is blowing all of his money on tattoos while continuing to constantly beg for money for self care and things related to his electrolysis and upcoming 'surgery', and it would seem that he moved up the time table as I thought these had been off the table until...
  13. JSGOTI

    Culture No Lackin Challenge

    For the uninformed, the "No Lackin" challenge game has cropped up on the internet in recent years. "Lackin" is a slang word which means not having a firearm on you, according to the Urban Dictionary. "No Lackin" means you are ready for any situation or confrontation, according to the website...
  14. JSGOTI

    Tattoos 1/9/18 - New Year, New Tattoos

    I bring to you, the newest round of terrible tattoos that Phil has once more forced an artist to permanently embed in his fetid flesh. And were it not for the descriptions on Instagram, there's absolutely no way that some of it would even be readable, as the first tattoos on the back of his legs...
  15. JSGOTI

    1/16/18 - Phils Filthy Itch & Almost Attacked

    Now, if memory serves me correctly, the 'transmisogynist' neighbor is the ACTUAL mexican that not only calls him Mr. Isabel, but is also the source of that new bedframe that taters got, because he was getting rid of it and it was by the dumpsters. Once more, the video doesn't seem to exist as...
  16. JSGOTI

    Japanese Twitter artist draws manga of “Aspe-chan” to show what it’s like living with Asperger’s

    Based on her real-life childhood experiences. Asperger’s syndrome can make daily life difficult no matter what country you live in, but it’s especially hard in Japan where the pressure toward uniformity is higher than many other places. In an effort to try and spread awareness of exactly what...
  17. JSGOTI

    Christopher Cantwell v. Edward J. Gorcenski (aka Emily Florence Gorcenski) & Kristopher Goad (2017)

    Christopher Cantwell, one of the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville as part of the infamous “Unite the Right” rally in August, is facing up to 20 years in prison for allegedly attacking protesters with mace. But now he's trying to turn the tables on his accusers, claiming they...
  18. JSGOTI

    What Horrible Things Did We Do To Our Penises Last Year?

    OK, so you’ve already learned about all the things we shoved inside ourselves last year. But what about our dangly bits? Rest assured, we punished them. All patient descriptions taken verbatim from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database of emergency room visits: GRABBED BB GUN...
  19. JSGOTI

    What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year

    If it’s Christmas, it must be time to learn what America shoved inside itself. The only worthwhile holiday tradition pushes on. All reports are taken from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database of emergency room visits, and they are occasionally not for the faint of spirit. If I...

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