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  1. Positron

    Who would win in a head-to-head election? Brianna or Sargon?

    The man who keeps his dick wins.
  2. Positron

    Megathread Random Updates

    He is not famous. He never, ever leaves his home and mingle with people.
  3. Positron

    War In the Trump era, can videogames about killing Nazis be just ‘for fun’?

    So are cartoonish men wearing women clothes. Can we have a video games where we kill them too?
  4. Positron

    Reddit's Trans Community

    So that's why they call themselves catgirls.
  5. Positron

    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    We shouldn't be teaching students about the double helix at all considering James Watson has said rude things about women and niggers. 21st-century Epistemology is a quest to discredit old white male figureheads of knowledge by combing through their personal histories. Don't you gaslight her!
  6. Positron

    Most physically repulsive tranny?

    Another proof that the best hope for a troon to pass is to whale up.
  7. Positron

    Encounters With SJWs/Tumblristas Offline or In Unusual Communities

    "Less trannies, more huskies"
  8. Positron

    Social Justice Warriors

    Unfortunately the theory that anthropogenic environmental degradation as an important cause, or even the main cause, of the decline of ancient civilizations (as expounded in Jared Diamond's Book Collapse) is on the way out. More recent theories either put the blame on boring political human...
  9. Positron

    Songs and albums with a distance or length in the title.

    Tim Story - Three Feet From the Moon
  10. Positron

    Richard "Terra" Jones / Fire / Buffalo Bill / Lightning Princess / Leslie Eclaire / Stilanas

    Richard insinuates that he wants to shoot police officers: Timmying Nick Parrott's bathtub: Coffin Senpai! notice me!
  11. Positron

    Jonathan C. Holiday / TransEthics / Toren Valimir / Toren Wilder / Victoria "Vikki" Valimir/Darling

    Caution: Hurtful Truth Level Exceeded. Good metaphor. Hence the solution to your "feeling wrong" is to change the shoes you wear, not to chop off both of your feet and attach each to the other side.
  12. Positron

    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    Rhys is the best kind of academic. He is exactly the thing that academia needs: You are a shameless cheat and a nutter; your ideas are crazy rubbish -- including the ideas expressed in the above tweets. Kant is well aware slavery is against the Categorical Imperative; he allowed it for...
  13. Positron

    Megathread Random Updates

    Isn't it sweet that someone who's been meowing about Kiwi Farms invading his home threatens an innocent man of home invasion?
  14. Positron

    Walmart FURIOUS at Tesla's 'utter incompetence' over solar panel fires on shop roofs, demands them all removed in court filing

    I think the biggest reason is that it is much easier to step up or step down the voltage in AC.
  15. Positron

    Fun facts!

    Papua New Guinea is known as the home of Birds of Paradise -- and the Birds of Poison. This handsome little fellow is called a Hooded Pitohui. The natives prefer to call it "rubbish bird" because it cannot be eaten unless all skin has been removed and the meat carefully prepared.
  16. Positron

    Disaster UK baby loses all 4 limbs following horrific sepsis infection, mom claims one leg 'came off in her hand'

    Wasteful or not, shutting down the gender services would help.
  17. Positron

    Disaster UK baby loses all 4 limbs following horrific sepsis infection, mom claims one leg 'came off in her hand'

    It was only when he developed signs of toxicity and septic emboli ("His hand and feet had started to go purple") did the doctors look for a throat infection. I'm not sure if I can blame the first doctor (the one who sent the baby away with ) or not; in neonates, the signs of even severe...
  18. Positron

    Megathread Random Updates

    Even if you knew where he lives, so what?
  19. Positron

    Dog adopted from Phoenix animal shelter gets big break in upcoming Disney movie

    Still a better actor than Brie Larson.
  20. Positron

    Megathread [Suspected] Ryan Gordon, Yaniv's 'agent', pays a visit to the Farms. [8/21/19]

    TL;DR - a troon and an enabler wasting police time.

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