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  1. Babyspackle

    Emotional Pain Tolerance/Threshold Building

    The amount of willpower required to not rate this post autistic or mad is immeasureable.
  2. Babyspackle

    Emotional Pain Tolerance/Threshold Building

    The only distinction you draw between coping mechanisms and the bulk of your post is that you are dealing with things "alone and without coping mechanisms". I wouldn't say that is a clear differentiation. I'm not sure what you think I am trying to twist your words into, much of what you say is...
  3. Babyspackle

    Emotional Pain Tolerance/Threshold Building

    I think anytime someone comes up with their own personal ideas about how to best deal with lifes hardships based on their own personal experiences, and then posit that every other person could apply this to their own life it makes me think they are very naive even about their own experiences and...
  4. Babyspackle

    Disaster Surgeon accused of sexually abusing over 250 children under anaesthetic after investigators find detailed rape journal

    What the fuck about all of the other people involved in these surgeries? The anesthesiologist? the OR nurses? the recovery nurses? You do not fuckin have one guy in a room alone cutting a person up theres an entire team. Even in recovery there would be multiple nurses and techs checking on the...
  5. Babyspackle


    yes I too have a fuckin grand mal every goddamn time. And some type of real and true autism bubbles up and I involuntarily start saying "why" and "how" as its happening when no one is around.
  6. Babyspackle

    It's lowkey 10/10

    It's lowkey 10/10
  7. Babyspackle

    Walmart FURIOUS at Tesla's 'utter incompetence' over solar panel fires on shop roofs, demands them all removed in court filing

    It's okay bois the hyperloop gonna make all that money back. You'd think for a company / product line that is almost more of a proof of concept / futuretech frontrunner than a viable economic alternative they would be more fucking careful with protecting it's image. They've been incredibly...
  8. Babyspackle

    Weight loss support thread

    If you can find zero to no cal snacks you like (carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers) then you can eat that shit between meals it'll make you eat less overall. If you feel like you're forcing a diet try to find more shit to cook/eat that works for you. Don't white knuckle shit.
  9. Babyspackle

    What is your most impressive dish?

    Cherry pie is one of the only things I didn't get a chance to learn from my grandma before she passed, it's probably my favorite pie.
  10. Babyspackle

    What is your most impressive dish?

    Grew up 25mins from the border so I cook alot of mexican food too, Carnitas are a P big one for me, granted I don't do the fully traditional slow deep fry in lard method but the crockpot for 8hrs then oven for 3hrs method.
  11. Babyspackle

    What is your most impressive dish?

    I don't use it much, I've mostly only ever used it fresh on meat. Most of the time I've tried to use it in other ways it's been overpowering though.
  12. Babyspackle

    doin a big spaz [MEDIA]

    doin a big spaz
  13. Babyspackle

    Mumkey Jones / Tyler Millard / Simian Jimmy / @VincentHatesGod & Ashley Simonetti / Liu the Kitty

    I don't think there is any reason to believe anything Dylan says. A spurned teenager out for revenge. I mean if he comes up with some vids then those videos will tell a story themselves. Everyone this thing has touched seems to be rather shitty
  14. Babyspackle

    What is your most impressive dish?

    Coq au vin sounds and looks amazing, I know way too few french dishes its upsetting tbh
  15. Babyspackle

    What is your most impressive dish?

    Never made rosemary gravy, that sounds real easy to go way to hard on rosemary, that shit overpowers EZ.
  16. Babyspackle

    What is your most impressive dish?

    I've never even heard of such a thing. Sounds wild I definitely want to learn how to make them! mmmmm Apples incorperated inside or topping? well made cheesecake never fails
  17. Babyspackle

    Florida man wildly swings sword at jogger in fight over trash

    The one dude is down to fight a man with a sword over this shit but he just gives it up to some crackhead bitch wat?
  18. Babyspackle

    Culture Brazil gang leader dresses up as daughter in jail escape bid

    Woulda been better if they left him in the disguise and just threw him back into general pop. He'd make so many friends.
  19. Babyspackle

    What is your most impressive dish?

    What's the best thing you can make to impress someone with your mad cooking skills. Main dish, dessert, or w/e you have thats big taste I'll go with Eggplant Parmesan. I'm borderline convinced you cannot get even decent eggplant parm in any chain / not incredibly expensive restaurant. The best...
  20. Babyspackle


    Also avoid any and all use of the N-word here, we are respectful of all peoples.

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