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  1. Cyborg Scars

    Armed Police Forces Congregate at Shenzhen

    There should be at this point, with a proper write up too on the situation. If nothings up in 12 hours I'll do it myself. @AltisticRight How does it feel to have so many big brained takes. Imagine how big your cranium must be to see that the CCP are the ones in the right in this situation...
  2. Cyborg Scars

    Trainwreck Gwen Hartley & The Hartley Hooligans

    How is Lola still alive? I was sure she would have died at least at the start of this year
  3. Cyborg Scars

    Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective to get live-action remake

    I sure can't wait for Disney to finally do their live action remake of Fantasia. There's nothing that you can't do with the powers of modern CGI technology
  4. Cyborg Scars

    Monica Lewinsky-Produced 'Impeachment' Set as Next 'American Crime Story' at FX

    I wish they had real Jonah Hill as Lewinsky
  5. Cyborg Scars

    Personal Lolcows

    Does he get upset because he's a true connesour of anime and doesn't watch "popular trash", or because he feels he knows more and doesn't want people upstaging him?
  6. Cyborg Scars

    Favorite kill scenes in horror!

    Any of the ones from Sleepaway Camp, but specifically these two
  7. Cyborg Scars

    FUNimation, an American foreign content distribution company, translates “Lolicon” to “Pedophile”

    Lol at all the people in this thread arguing about the implications of lolicon while ignoring the straight up meaning of what the word is. Same goes for the Spirit/Kami guy when the word has the exact same duality in English. Wait, how did we take down ex-hentai and ATC? I need to see the...
  8. Cyborg Scars

    Science Human-animal hybrids to be developed in Japan after ban controversially lifted

    The real question is if the cats will have rough tongues, because that would be gross
  9. Cyborg Scars

    Friday the 13th may go woke.

    I'm in if we see all the girls' boobs
  10. Cyborg Scars

    Congrats on the good job

    Congrats on the good job
  11. Cyborg Scars

    The Official Simpsons Griefing Thread

    I think the only way to end the Simpsons at this point, considering what a juggernaut it is, is to have a season of final episodes. As in, have almost a what if thing where different writers get to give their own take on an ending to the Simpsons. Have one where it just ends with Marge taking...
  12. Cyborg Scars

    007 will be black

    Lol who cares about Bond in current year? He hasn't been good since he went to space.
  13. Cyborg Scars

    Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez general thread

    Anyone who makes Shark Boy and Lava Girl, or Spy Kids 2 tier shit is a legend in my book.
  14. Cyborg Scars

    Red Letter Media

    What happened with Landis?
  15. Cyborg Scars

    Random Pics and Gifs

    As if something this awesome would ever happen. Bruce Campbell will never get even a decent sized role in a decent sized movie
  16. Cyborg Scars

    Random Pics and Gifs

    Have any of these future memes ever come true?
  17. Cyborg Scars

    Stranger Things

  18. Cyborg Scars

    Disaster Is Trump’s Fourth of July celebration a front to reveal JFK Jr. is alive?

    Dude, that's literally an episode of the OG Outer Limits. You very well may be right, but if we're creating a public enemy, could we do something more wild than a fish looking dude?
  19. Cyborg Scars

    Stranger Things

    I dunno, I kind of liked it, like a lot. So yeah I liked it, not as much as earlier season but it was good.

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