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  1. Fibonacci

    What We Left Behind: The DS9 Documentary

    So I went to see the new Deep Space 9 documentary last night that Ira Behr put together. The documentary itself was all right; not a whole lot we didn't already know about the making of DS9, however. But the highlight of the documentary was Ira Behr got the DS9 writer's room back together and...
  2. Fibonacci

    Law Hospital Security Guard Fired for Having Sex With a Dead Body
  3. Fibonacci

    Law Shrek Look-A-Like and Repeat Public Sex Performer Busted for Drunken Public Sex at Busy Intersection
  4. Fibonacci

    World Flaming Condoms Are the Newest Threat to Southern Israel
  5. Fibonacci

    Disaster First Lady Wears an "I Don't Care" Jacket to Visit Immigrant Children in Texas Shelters More on her fashion choice:
  6. Fibonacci

    ZOS Releases Summerset Xpac for ESO, Some Players Not Happy

    I've been playing ESO again since the Summerset xpac was launched and was thumbing through the game's forums looking for information about a server problem I've been having when I stumbled upon this particularly unhappy customer who has decided to be the unwitting hero we didn't know we needed...
  7. Fibonacci

    World Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, John McCain Regrets Palin, Bans Trump from his Funeral
  8. Fibonacci

    Culture Graduates Ushered Off Stage for Dancing, Claim They Were Shoved for Being Black and Happy
  9. Fibonacci

    Law George Zimmerman Charged With Stalking and Threatening Private Investigator
  10. Fibonacci

    Law Policewoman Claims Child Porn Ruined Her Life, Sues Her Own Dept
  11. Fibonacci

    Culture Netanyahu Serves Shinzo Abe Dessert in a Shoe, Shitstorm Ensues
  12. Fibonacci

    Infamous McDonald's Sperg Eats 30,000th Big Mac
  13. Fibonacci

    Disaster Woman Uses 7-Eleven Microwave to Heat Up Urine Sample, Ruins Microwave
  14. Fibonacci

    Law Off-Duty Officer Pulls Gun on Man in Gas Station Over Perceived Theft of Mentos
  15. Fibonacci

    Law Sex Offender Who Led CHP on a Statewide Car Chase Hid in Local Library and Homeless Shelter
  16. Fibonacci

    Disaster Mother Wants Death Sentence for Woman Who Kidnapped Her Baby, Raised Her for 20 Years
  17. Fibonacci

    Disaster VA Hospital Allegedly Cancels Surgeries Due to Fly Infestation, Whistleblower Claims Retaliation
  18. Fibonacci

    World Women Report Feeling Sexually Harrassed by Automated Security Robot at LaGuardia Airport
  19. Fibonacci

    Culture United Airlines Flight Attendant Gets High and Frightens Passengers

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