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  1. LatinasAreTheFuture

    What have you recently eaten?

    The Mexican woman I live with, Rosa, made me beans and rice. I put some of the salsa I get from the corner store in town on it and it is Bee Oh Em Bee
  2. LatinasAreTheFuture

    What conspiracy theories do you believe in?

    I believe that white people are being systematically targeted because they are white. I do not think that the Jews are responsible, or any single monolithic entitiy. I think that a series of events are all starting to occur around the same time, and through each of these individual pressures the...
  3. LatinasAreTheFuture

    What conspiracy theories do you believe in?

    I believe in white genocide. My paranoid mind isn’t put at ease either when I google it and the only thing that’s comes up is “lol your wrong” like ok then prove it to me. But nobody ever does, they just keep spouting the same line over and over.
  4. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Is doxing the future of politics?

    I liked the idea of making them were jerseys like how nascar racers do, you know so we can see which ones are being supported by shell or whatever. If it were up to ME, I don’t think politicians are the problem, it’s the degeneracy that tends to ingest them. We just need to go through and...
  5. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Lolcows that you personally like

    Is he really that bad? I only know toddfor his music video reviews and I thought he did a decent job at it. Is there some history I’m missing?
  6. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Beginner to crypto

    Thanks for the info, that’s really helpful.
  7. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

    Twitch. He cant hide on twitch. Or maybe when he goes out in public like to conventions or whatever. I seem to remember boogie (recently) flipping a table and getting mad at a convention because some dude ripped a 40 buckaroo fallout poster or whatever. A grown fucking man flipped a table over a...
  8. LatinasAreTheFuture

    "Jim" / James Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Mister Metokur / Jim81Jim / Internet Aristocrat

    The Jim collapse is going to be huge, and spectacular. I’m calling it now. I say this as a big Jim fan.
  9. LatinasAreTheFuture

    I like how your name rolls off my tongue

    I like how your name rolls off my tongue
  10. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Disaster Authorities searching for active shooter between Midland and Odessa, Texas; 20 people reportedly injured; at least 8 dead

    What if this is a counter shooting? Like Mexicans going after whites for revenge after El Paso. Is this the race war?
  11. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Disaster Group Of Men Claim They Want To Hold A "Straight Pride Parade" In Boston

    Jesus at least when I was a Sargon fan I was 15 and a shut in. How do mature adults fall for him? Is it his soothing British voice?
  12. LatinasAreTheFuture

    StoneToss / Red Panels

    Ay that’s pretty good
  13. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Drunk/High Thread

    Right now I’m smoking a bowl of trimmings I have left over. It’s not ideal but whatever. I just want to say that I really like the kiwi farms. I haven’t been here to long but I’ve enjoyed the stay. Also the Chinese theme is the best theme.
  14. LatinasAreTheFuture

    What would aliens biggest fear of visiting us be?

    Man what is up with you? I’ve seen homeless people act less spazzed out over drugs. I mean I love shrooms too I just don’t get what you expect ya to do about it? I’m supposed to unban you?
  15. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Cursed Images

    Oh fuck me I want to pop that big one out
  16. LatinasAreTheFuture

    How are you doing?

    Well it’s 4 in the morning and I can’t go to sleep, so maybe I’ll talk about something that’s on my mind. Uh, this might get a little bad but I’ll try to put it as concisely as possible. So uh I’m a sexual assault survivor I guess. That’s a faggy ass name for it but whatever I typed it and now...
  17. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Post Ratings Discussion

    Hey so I know I’m missing a bunch of reactions, but I’m not sure which ones. How would I find out? Edit: nevermind I found it
  18. LatinasAreTheFuture

    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    I told him that he was a nigger on twitter and he fucking got me shadowbanned. Bob isn’t really in the business of listening to outside perspective 🤔🤔

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