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  1. ASoulMan

    A man nearing his 30s talks about Internet friends

    This site really has grown since I started lurking around 2012 before making an account two years later. Thank you for keeping this site going despite all the shit you get from doing so!
  2. ASoulMan

    Fire Emblem series

    I'm already waiting until the story dlc comes out next year before I even consider getting the pass. Right now it's not worth it to me.
  3. ASoulMan

    Fire Emblem series

    It annoys me still that we don't actually go up against TWSITD at the end of Crimson Flower. They just go "Oh, remember Ed's uncle and those other weirdos? Yeah, they eat shit after the war." Golden Deer is starting to shape up to be the better route, and I've only just started the second half...
  4. ASoulMan

    Law Vegan Sues Neighbors for Barbecuing in Their Own Backyard Because She 'Can't Go Out There'

    Imagine being such a vegan that you can't leave your house because the smell of delicious slow grilling meat triggers the fuck out of you.
  5. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    Etika would be fucking PROUD!!! And I'm so glad we're gonna have more fighters beyond the pass. My hopes for Crash have skyrocketed!
  6. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    Nintendo Direct tomorrow. Expect the usual salt to follow because Nintendo Direct.
  7. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    I know people have very mixed views on leakers, but to fuel the flames... "With the way things are sounding from what I've heard from a lot of people now, Smash speculation is gonna get REALLY wild after this next reveal...
  8. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros. Community

    They want to be recognized as a fighting game community yet they think that SNK, the company that has made SEVERAL arcade cabinets that has existed everywhere from arcades to malls to even fucking pizza places, ain't relevant and doesn't deserve to have a character on the SSBU roster. They want...
  9. ASoulMan

    NeoGAF & ResetERA

    "Suicide is bad unless those filthy heretics off themselves. Then they fucking deserved it!" Every day the dumpster fire at REEEEEra grows. How many more people do they need to ban before the site finally goes tits up?
  10. ASoulMan

    Lolcow Coppercab / Michael Tyler Kittrell / Claire Kittrell / Claire Cab

    I totally forgot about this guy years ago. I never cared about the GINGERS HAVE NO SOULS stuff. I'm surprised he/she/whatever is still at it after all these years. Once a has-been, always a has-been.
  11. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    For now, we can only assume that Banjo will get the Hero treatment in regards to how he functions as a character as Sakurai has gone on to state that he doesn't have the budget to make a presentation ala the Joker Update from April. As for future characters, they may just be announced in either...
  12. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    Also related, the copyrights on Fighter #5 is an updated version of the normal copyrights, featuring Atlus and Microsoft. We can safely say that the next character is from a SNK series, but the last one could still be anybody at this point. It's only a matter of time before we hear more about...
  13. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    The Nintendo Spain website has a SNK copyright on the Fighter #4 page It's also on the UK website :thinking:
  14. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    Fucking Putt Putt CONFIRMED
  15. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    I highly doubt it. People thinking either Tracer or D.Va is gonna make it in because of a SWITCH CASE is seriously grasping at fucking straws. I swear, they and Reimu are the new Steve. I can't wait till everyone gets BTFO'd once again. Just give me Crash Bandicoot so I can die happy dammit
  16. ASoulMan

    Amazon fires: Brazilian rainforest burning at record rate, space agency warns

    This is depressing AF. Any news about deforestation is depressing as all hell.
  17. ASoulMan

    What are you playing right now?

    Fire Emblem Three Houses
  18. ASoulMan

    Fire Emblem series

    Wound up recruiting Leonie by accident.
  19. ASoulMan

    Culture Gen Zers are putting Bitmojis on their Instagram-esque résumés

    This is the kind of shit that they tell you NOT to do on your résumé.
  20. ASoulMan

    Super Smash Bros.

    Forget admitting that MKLeo is a fucking god, NO! Let's all say that his character is OP. Fuck them.

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