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  1. Spoonge

    Culture 'Islam is right about women': Odd signs spark confusion in local town

    "The sign itself is confusing it is subject to interpretation" Subject to interpretation Absolutely Fucking Haram. By Allah these cunts need a good stoning before they'll understand just how low they are on the Islamic totem pole. Heres a hint, its right under the love-goat.
  2. Spoonge

    What would happen if Trump got a Nobel Peace Prize?

    I'm pretty sure we'd see at least one suicide from MSNBC staff. My money would be on Maddow, she has that overly emotional tranny look.
  3. Spoonge

    Disaster US Navy confirms leaked ‘UFO videos’ are real & never should have been released to the public

    Trust in Mulder boys. He's fighting the good fight and showing those space commies not to fuck with Earth. Or something.
  4. Spoonge

    Disaster Doctor Warns Of Leprosy In Los Angeles

    How the fuck does your city become so terrible? Homeless everywhere, rats everywhere, drugs everywhere, smog everywhere, mexicans everywhere. and now apparently lepers everywhere. Just put LA out of its misery, not even Californians deserve this.
  5. Spoonge

    War Drone strikes knock out half of Saudi oil capacity, 5 million barrels a day

    Note the "if you're really going to war" part of my post and suck a dick.
  6. Spoonge

    War Drone strikes knock out half of Saudi oil capacity, 5 million barrels a day

    If you're happy and you know it die for Israel. If you're happy and you know it die for Israel. If you're happy and you know it, and if you really want to show it. If you're happy and you know it die for Israel. I'll see you lads in the sandbox I guess. No way we're not going to get sucked up...
  7. Spoonge

    "Jim" / James Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Mister Metokur / Jim81Jim / Internet Aristocrat

    I really, really want to believe Jim is some rich investorfag who spends time in between client meetings shitposting on imageboards. Its just such a beautiful image.
  8. Spoonge

    Communism and Persecution

    If you're asking why Stalin, Mao and all those sickle wavers in between liked to murder their own people and then erase them from photos its because thats how they maintained control. Revolutionaries destroy the aristocracy and in turn become a new aristocracy fearful of revolutionaries doing to...
  9. Spoonge

    Foreign Media, Gaming, and Authoritarian Ethnic Nationalism

    Yes its too late for most western nations. Doesnt mean I cant keep the thought in my back pocket if I ever happen upon a genie and continue to point out why it was a bad fucking idea. Just because I want it to be so doesnt mean it ever will be.
  10. Spoonge

    War Hong Kong Garden Takeaway (Megathread)

    Japan WAS doing that but then they got fat man'd. Should have let them Nanking the entire country
  11. Spoonge

    Foreign Media, Gaming, and Authoritarian Ethnic Nationalism

    One, homogenous nation consisting of a powderkeg of different ethnicities, religions and cultures= bad Multiple, culturally and ethnically different nations that co-exist= good I'm sorry I dont see where the 'Everyone that isnt my nation must be slaughtered' part of nationalism. I mean sure it...
  12. Spoonge

    War Australian University Student Union Bans FOBs

    The Chinese Question has been getting a lot more attention this past year and its about bloody time. Maybe we might get our dairy industry back and fix our real estate problem if we start removing them. Readers choice on the process of removing.
  13. Spoonge

    World The Shocking Paper Predicting the End of Democracy

    "Voters disagreed with my political opinions so now I'm going to take all my toys and go home after forcing you fucking bigots into the deathcamps for wrongthink and heres why thats a good thing" America is beautiful. You lucky bastards can go out there and scream about kikes and niggers and...
  14. Spoonge

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    "I'm going to debate a fan of Nick Rekieta about Nick Rekieta being a filthy doxxer". The fuck?
  15. Spoonge

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    Dont forget the shitty stock sound effects
  16. Spoonge

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    So who fucked the Judge to get him to do something this exceptional. Marchi, Rial or Lemoine ?
  17. Spoonge

    Any Stargate fans?

    I was raised on Stargate by my mother. She was a big 90s sci fi fan and she got me hooked on the genre with this and X-files so yeah I love the show. Its never reached the peak of my favourite sci fi but it also didnt crash and fucking burn like Battlestar Galactica did in its last moments...
  18. Spoonge

    Funimation Audio Leaks

    Of course the feeders first thought is vore. What a fucking surprise.
  19. Spoonge

    Science Trump launches Space Command

    >USSC Damn it one letter off. Oh well at least this way you Americans dont have to worry about some faggy UN weirdos trying to ruin your ayy killing hobby.

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