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  1. Wilhelm

    Culture Gender-free uniforms at schools [in Japan]? Yes, it’s happening

    IIRC there are models that are combination smart/flip phones. Not only that but the traditional flip phone style is so iconic that it's the norm in media most of the time. As for the skirts, I doubt many things will change. It's a choice, not a requirement, and schoolgirls tend to prefer...
  2. Wilhelm

    Opportunity Rover Dead at 15

    That little guy was a huge help in exploring our solar system. It's a damn shame to see him go, I've got a metal model of him on my desk :c F for you, Opportunity. May your legacy live on with future rovers, and may your chassis be recovered sometime in the next 20 years.
  3. Wilhelm


    Excuse me, what? Well, I wish you two... fragrant happiness?
  4. Wilhelm

    Daddies and Littles on Tumblr

    oh shit no. oh no. this is going to explode, i feel it
  5. Wilhelm

    Furry Art Freak Show

    You really don't.
  6. Wilhelm

    Furry Art Freak Show

    I actually played through this fucking nightmare out of morbid curiosity, and achieved multiple endings.
  7. Wilhelm

    Furry Art Freak Show

    Wasn't the actual end of the story supposed to paint her as the bad guy, with all the island's residents basically turning against her?
  8. Wilhelm

    June 2018 Merchandise

    I'm sad the scat fanfiction quote isn't available on a shot glass :c Still, this is great.
  9. Wilhelm

    Gross Martina Big

    I won't even lie, the fact that actual African people seem to enjoy her presence (according to her) is actually really endearing. It's hard to not look up to her optimism, even for as weird as she is.
  10. Wilhelm

    PokeGirlRULES / Stephanie Ladd

    Oh christ, I didn't even notice those in her picture. That's kind of terrifying, in it's own way.
  11. Wilhelm

    PokeGirlRULES / Stephanie Ladd

    I keep coming back to this thread in the hopes that someone on here finally asked this girl why she acts this way, and yet nobody has yet. I can't do it since I don't touch dA much anymore. But this... being, can't just have autism alone. Surely there's something else... right? :c
  12. Wilhelm

    Furry Art Freak Show

    This looks like the kind of shit someone would draw just to freak out a whole discord server. The worst part is the fact that the bears and Calvin and Hobbes are clearly traced, but the fact that the genitals are haphazardly thrown on makes it even more terrifying. :(
  13. Wilhelm

    Off-Topic Bad Plastic Surgery

    I have so many questions. I've seen slanted-ish eyes, but I've never seen the skin around them do... that.
  14. Wilhelm

    Off-Topic Clothing Cringe

    If you turned the dress orange, you would have an actual traffic cone.
  15. Wilhelm

    Horrorcow Georgia Dickerson/Thompson / "Stinky" / "Pip" / @todokaras / @cutiephiliac / Edroy

    It's like Stinky is trying to be as shitty and repulsive a person as possible without killing anyone.
  16. Wilhelm

    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    I'm pretty sure I've never seen a cow deliberately spread malware before.
  17. Wilhelm

    Celebrity Suzanne Marie "Suzy" Berhow / Mortemer / Mortem3r / PsychicCircle / KittyKatGaming

    Honestly, back when I really liked GG, I'd go out of my way to avoid videos with Suzy in them. She doesn't bring anything funny to the table and just seems to be there in videos because she's Arin's wife.
  18. Wilhelm

    Plagued Pedophiles and pedophilia apologists

    hey man don't hate on my fiddlers they're only making music :(
  19. Wilhelm

    Plagued Pedophiles and pedophilia apologists

    christ this thread exploded
  20. Wilhelm

    Trainwreck Brandon Buell & Brittany Buell, Parents of Jaxon Strong / Jaxon Buell

    I'm no medical professional, but that protrusion at the back of the cranium looks to be part of the skull that somehow grew inwards... I see an opening where, had that protrusion been in the right place, the skull might just be closed up. Nature never ceases to amaze me with how it can fuck up.

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