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  1. AnOminous

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    He's just calling people he disagrees with bots. How dehumanizing. I wonder if he's alt-right.
  2. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    It's possible the deadline for appeal starts ticking with the final judgment and not the order granting the TCPA motion. The effect of filing early is nothing, though. It just is treated as having been filed on the appropriate date but after whatever event makes the matter ripe for appeal...
  3. AnOminous

    "Jim" / James Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Mister Metokur / Jim81Jim / Internet Aristocrat

    Women also tend to stage suicide attempts for attention. It's hardly universal but it's a lot more common than men doing the same.
  4. AnOminous

    World Hildawg 2020 Megathread

    All it really did was establish Dems as the party of mindlessly sucking girl penis, ignoring 99.9% of the rest of the population and instead worshipping these freaks.
  5. AnOminous

    Dramacow Coraline Ada Ehmke / Corey Dale Ehmke

    If they ever have to try to enforce this bullshit it will be lawyers and judges going over it, and if their troon shit doesn't pass muster, they may just as well have put their shit in the public domain.
  6. AnOminous

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    Is it even possible to be more up your own ass than that? Seriously in much less time than it took to vomit out those tweets, I could have watched the video and grunted and yelled "SCREEEEECH" a few times during the fucking 11 minute video.
  7. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    There's no deadline for sanctions. I'm sure he'd be thrilled if Ty for some reason pays attention to his sperging and misses a deadline instead of just ignoring him like anyone but lolcow watchers does.
  8. AnOminous

    Victor Mignogna v. Funimation Productions, LLC, et al.

    I think an appellate lawyer should do the appeal. There is no room for bullshit.
  9. AnOminous

    Disaster Interesting clickbait, op-eds, fluff pieces and other smaller stories

    Good luck throwing a corporation in prison. Also contempt of what? Doesn't it have to go to an actual court for that?
  10. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    It's 20 days because all appeals from the grant or denial of a TCPA are accelerated. Here's one analysis of it from the appeals court in Houston: "Because the trial court granted the appellees' section 27.003 motion to dismiss on March 3, 2014 and issued its final judgment on March 25, 2014...
  11. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    Douchette doesn't know what he's talking about. Even if he did it wouldn't matter, and it would be a catastrophe to file a late appeal. You'd simply lose. The only effect of filing an appeal prematurely would be that it would be deemed to be filed as of the date it became timely, but after...
  12. AnOminous

    Megathread Random Updates

    I'm sure he won't get thrown out of his new hovel for tarding out and starting fires.
  13. AnOminous

    Trainwreck Gwen Hartley & The Hartley Hooligans

    She even had it tested, knew it was going to be a potato, and shat it out anyway.
  14. AnOminous

    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    So this troon didn't even have to chop off his cock to get troonure? Is this true or just more shit journalism?
  15. AnOminous

    I Am Jazz / Jaron Seth Bloshinsky / Jazz Jennings

    This didn't happen to Jizz, he just had shit parents who mutilated him for asspats.
  16. AnOminous

    Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz

    There would be no shame to anyone who wasn't a completely narcissistic piece of shit like Maddox. They could move on with their brief period of Internet fame as one part of an ongoing life and cope with the fact that Los Angeles just wasn't for them (in fact it is a shithole where nobody should...
  17. AnOminous

    StoneToss / Red Panels

    That's pretty unintelligible other than HK being the most Westernized part of China. Crushing HK is about enforcing collectivism though. Anyone who supports that is basically a commie fuck or just really fucking stupid.
  18. AnOminous

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    Moar like Judge Spedd.
  19. AnOminous

    Thing that personally piss you off.

    People who respond to low effort bait to point out that it's low effort bait, showing why only low effort is necessary in the first place.
  20. AnOminous

    Victor Mignogna v. Funimation Productions, LLC, et al.

    They can rule without oral arguments if they believe there's no point to them, whether that's because the appeal is frivolous or the issues are adequately addressed in the papers (TRAP 39.1). I would imagine they'd grant oral argument in this case, though.

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