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  1. TheIceCreamMan

    christmas fucking rules

    - i'm off work for like two weeks thanks to saved up pto - i'm drunk as f - my girls uncle makes hella good prime rib and he made a ton of it and i got to take some home - shit is still so cash evn though its not liike right out of hte oven fresh - dank ass vidya - merry fucking christmas...
  2. TheIceCreamMan

    The Kiwi Farms Riddle Thread

    Hi guys, I was discussing riddles earlier today and I said, "Man I love riddles, especially really hard ones! I hope there's a thread on the Farms where smart people share hard riddles that make me think!" But alas, there is none to be had! Unless I'm bad at searching, which is entirely...
  3. TheIceCreamMan

    Skitzocow Fascism Jose Lopez / PitBull / NeeshaNaik

    Credit to my man @Surtur for the heads up on this one. Ahh! There you are, my fellow Farmers. Come, come, warm yourself by the fire, and let The Ice Cream Man spin you a tale of a very interesting gentleman. Meet Jose M. Lopez, Jr., aka "El Chris Puerto Rico!": What a fine upstanding...
  4. TheIceCreamMan

    Introducing the Iconoclast Thread!

    Well, not yet, actually. I'm creating this thread as a placeholder for updates regarding the Iconoclast thread, as I'm getting ready to begin uploading information to his page and parsing it into a format that the wiki understands. I have the meat of the article saved as a .docx file that I've...

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