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  1. uncleShitHeel

    World Double-decker buses brought in for man above Wellington's Terrace Tunnel entrance on SH1 For those of you unaware, New Zealand's Capital city Wellington is a harbor that is linked to the rest of the country by two roads and a rail route. The main entrance to the heart of the CBD and...
  2. uncleShitHeel

    It was Christmas yesterday.

    Why are you all posting here today?
  3. uncleShitHeel

    Feedback I enjoy this website

    Any chance of allowing us to write our own themes for this site? Also keep up the good work. This place is keeping my inner bitchy teenage girl in check.
  4. uncleShitHeel

    Why can't I throw my chair out the window of my 11th floor office?

    Christ I'm bored. Time to have a wank at my desk.

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