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  1. Maltninja

    We aim to please.

    We aim to please.
  2. Maltninja

    What's Your Halloween Avatar?

  3. Maltninja

    What's Your Halloween Avatar?

    Linus Van Pelt, founder of the murderous Great Pumpkin cult. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
  4. Maltninja

    Trainwreck Laur Trueman / RVT01

    You may well be right, I think I read it was a sock, but I've nothing concrete. Maybe I can't get my head round the idea of an individual being this defensive of our ladies.
  5. Maltninja

    Trainwreck Laur Trueman / RVT01

    This is, rather WAS, one of Laur's most beloved sock puppets. RIP.
  6. Maltninja

    What are you listening to right now?

  7. Maltninja

    Lolcow Robert Paul Champagne / The Try it Out Guy

    Well, it probably won't be this one..
  8. Maltninja

    Lolcow Robert Paul Champagne / The Try it Out Guy

    Unlike him, I'm speechless.
  9. Maltninja

    What’s are dumbest names people’s parents cursed them with?

  10. Maltninja

    Containment Official Decision Regarding Gender and Chris/Gender Discussion Megathread

    Chris will blossom like an profound orchid when he abandons his foolish desire of "no anal".
  11. Maltninja

    I want officially apologise for getting triggered

    You're needy and annoying. Hopefully you'll grow up one day.
  12. Maltninja

    Postmortem Site compromised 10-Sep-2019

    dearest Ann You have nothibg, and I am anxious to distribute 419 millions of sterling to good people! We should for God willings make do business togetherly! Dr. Kevin Starch
  13. Maltninja

    Cooking With The Toots: Walnut Black Bean Veggie Burgers

    From 1st September. Chef Toots loves her nuts. I wonder if these burgers are part of the 8lb batch? How long do walnuts keep for?
  14. Maltninja

    2019-09-26 - David Crisp: "The offensive material which constitutes as both cyber crime and Disability Hate Crime in British law." I think I'll start here. Edit: Yeah, I'll stop here.
  15. Maltninja

    Ice Poseidon / Paul Denino

    Greek is fucking huge, he's only 26. Too much moussaka son.
  16. Maltninja

    Comfy Space Thread

    It's got a mountain twice the height of Everest, so there should some really nice selfie opportunities.
  17. Maltninja

    Comfy Space Thread

    Then I want to go, maybe I'll get some fucking peace and quiet .

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