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  1. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    I get the sense that Chris's fictional world was so messed up that that's why he's so attached to this pony crap now and doesn't do the comics. It's just tainted. And, regardless of opinions of Chris's creativity, that's sad.
  2. GherkinRealness

    Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread

    Bens helping him get money. Why in the name of fuck would he turn that down? Sockness knows this, hence his attempt at becoming mama chandler
  3. GherkinRealness

    Containment Fan Art Thread

    Drawing volume 17 myself cos 1) I have no social life 2) brushing up on photoshop 3) Cos we're never getting it otherwise
  4. GherkinRealness

    Twitter 10/12 - Chris's customer service skills

    Id love to see Chris give it a go at telemarketing. "Ah, ah good evening sir. Would you have a few minutes to talk about your assurance pol... Your assurance pol... Pol.. Policy?" "I'm a woman, and no. Goodbye." "ugh, no. No, please. I didn't know! Please let me ask a few questions!"...
  5. GherkinRealness

    So when do you think this merge is gonna end?

    The merge will probably end when Chris realises a 2 inch duck doesn't feel anywhere near as good as crayola model magic.
  6. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Not delivering on the patreon promises. I took at look at patreons policies on patreons who don't fulfil their end of the agreement. They literally pull a "contact the patreon" - the company effectively just says "deal with it".
  7. GherkinRealness

    Twitter 10/9 - Chris bitches about SNT vs Sonichu fanfic

    My OC was persecuted under the Sonichu regime. His family was rendered homeless through the thoughtless policies of the divine lioness, can you ensure that she is not welcome into your dimension?
  8. GherkinRealness

    Twitter 10/9 - Chris bitches about SNT vs Sonichu fanfic

    Tell him you'll only take his criticisms seriously if he submits it in youtube format.
  9. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    Yeah thats all I knew too. From what I've seen he seemed rather progressive in his thinking, like in his chats with Bluespike, about how he enjoys learning about other countries and cultures. I ha- I have not yet had the opportunity and such to try that cereal. But I will definitely keep it in...
  10. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Apparently the farm's only definition of humour is centred around inserting medallions up ones own rectum by choice :T Ah well
  11. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Literally just edited it with the caps
  12. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Chris Updates

  13. GherkinRealness

    Pictures of Chris being fat

    Hold the phone, I didn't realise he wore the original shirt to tmg. That's disgusting.
  14. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    My lord his patreon comments are not exactly encouraging.
  15. GherkinRealness

    Twitter/Reddit - Chris roleplaying as Magi-Chan megathread

    You mean to say Magi Chan AND Chris are similar in personality test results? NO WAY!
  16. GherkinRealness

    02-12-18 newer better documentary

    Agreed - I do feel that Gino puts a bit too much time on the calls, when he could just summarise what happens for the majority of the conversation, then place an emphasis on the whole dimensional merge connection thing. At this point in the series we know Chris is getting constantly trolled and...
  17. GherkinRealness

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    Was Bob actually racist? I don't recall any evidence of this :T
  18. GherkinRealness

    Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread

    At least he made stuff then. Now he makes nothing, tweets a crappy pony sketch and then demands $5000 on the behalf of some random guy from Hull. Like, wut?
  19. GherkinRealness

    Containment What will happen when Barb dies?

    Exactly. He barely knows how to send things in the post, never mind arrange viewing dates with estate agents and setting out a rental contract. He'll say he's going to move, feel stressed, then go back to pony land.

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