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  1. Kitlen

    Snowflake Simply_Kenna / McKenna Kaelin / Kenna Suman/CozyKitsune

    I noticed Simply_Kenna didn't have a thread so I figured I'd make one. Who is Simply_Kenna? To put it simply, Simply_Kenna is Tumblrite/aesthetic wannabe who makes tons of Youtube videos for fans, showing tutorials, her "aesthetic", improperly teaching you about Buddhism, blatantly lying...
  2. Kitlen

    Feedback Kitlen was an admin for 3 minutes

    Holy shit, how did I become an Admin? I very surprised but quite honored. Is there a list of duties I should see so I can be a good Admin? I am so confused right now.
  3. Kitlen

    Book Recommendations

    I looked through the pages and didn't seem to find a thread for this, so I figured I'd start one. Figure we can all post recommendations, ask for recommendations from authors or genres, and comment on books people recommend. I'm actually looking for recommendations on the DCI Banks series by...
  4. Kitlen

    Inactive Chance Carmichael / AFatChance / 600goingon700 / 700goingon800 / idontwantthisbutok

    Oh God, where do I start with this horror. I accidentally stumbled across him browsing /fit/ one day. Meet 600goingon700 a man not only TRYING to gain more weight, but fetishizes it and has creepy followers. As his user name says, 600goingon700 is literally over 600 pounds, and actively trying...
  5. Kitlen

    Artcow Venom2204: Brony Photoshopper Extraordinaire

    I'll preface this by saying I haven't checked up on old Venom in a long time but he was one of my favorite brony cows back in the day when the drama was extra huge, so I will provide all that I have/remember. Meet Logan Wood, an autistic brony, diehard Nickelback fan, band member and part time...
  6. Kitlen

    Dating Disasters with Weirdos

    I searched for this, but nothing came up so I figured I'd start one. I know many of us in the Kiwi community are nerds or have been caught up in the weird crowd at one time or another, so I figured we could all post and learn from one another's dating experiences. At least, the bad ones. I'll...
  7. Kitlen


    Evening citizens of the internet. Anywho, I searched around and didn't see a thread for this, but I think it's about time there was one for SuperWhoLock. Mind you, I am very new to this site and I could be wrong and this should just be posted under general Tumblr shenanigans, if so, please feel...

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