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  1. BigTodd

    Tommy Tooter What if Thread

    What if Tommy met a fresh 13 y/o runaway?
  2. BigTodd


    Tom is an incredibly desperate incel who apparently hasn't had sex since he molested and/or raped a minor when he was 28. He did lie about having sex with a transman last year, but dropped that claim a short time later.
  3. BigTodd

    3-3-2019 - A look into the minds of Kiwi Farmers and AMBeasts

    The best ones end with him forgetting the camera is on and passing out, walking around naked, or choking on a bong and almost dying of COPD.
  4. BigTodd

    3-3-2019 - A look into the minds of Kiwi Farmers and AMBeasts

    AMB is, the only place on the internet that hasn't banned Tommy. He believes they are an international criminal syndicate out to get him. Tom is the worst streamer ever. He spends most of the time reading AMB, KF, and Twitter without actually sharing what he is...
  5. BigTodd

    3-3-2019 - A look into the minds of Kiwi Farmers and AMBeasts

    Tom seems really blangry
  6. BigTodd

    God Bless the Tucson PD Tom's almost in tears over the KF maintenance that has been announced for weeks. Haven't watched the whole thing, but I'm told that after a while realization sets in and he knows he's been played for the fool he is.
  7. BigTodd

    21-2-19- Relational Bullying in the Transgender Community

    I can't believe the police tolerate him to this extent. I wonder what the real cost of untreated mental illness is for your average police department. It must be substantial.
  8. BigTodd

    The 2019 Tommy Tooter GEM SHOWDOWN

    Tell Based James that Big Todd says to lose the Blackhawk holster before he Texted Grebners himself. Suggest checking out Theis Holsters.
  9. BigTodd

    The 2019 Tommy Tooter GEM SHOWDOWN

    No clue. Tom was chimping out at everyone, even his friends. At 1:01, both you and I get a callout as "heavy hitters".
  10. BigTodd

    The 2019 Tommy Tooter GEM SHOWDOWN

    Tom blew all of his gem show and busking earnings on more gravel. Tom isn't much of a business person. This video is very amusing. Tom is reading something where people are basically defending him and he's chimping out at them calling them pieces of shit and what-not. Around the 25:30...
  11. BigTodd

    The 2019 Tommy Tooter GEM SHOWDOWN

    Gold content indeed. Hopefully someone has archived it. Curious the HoboLaw theory of recovery for his threatened lawsuit. If he says he wasn't subletting and never paid anything but just working, is there any consideration for the lawsuit? Is he going to sue personally or on behalf of his...
  12. BigTodd

    The 2019 Tommy Tooter GEM SHOWDOWN

    Tom is more of a criminal than James is. They both have had charges dismissed for assault, Tom more recently. Tom has numerous drug charges that would preclude his ability to legally possess a firearm. James seems to be at least articulate enough to string two thoughts together, unlike Tom...
  13. BigTodd

    The 2019 Tommy Tooter GEM SHOWDOWN

    James is a great American. As my friend Lurker pointed out on AMB, he just needs to have a better choice of holster before he Tex Grebner's himself. edit: I don't think he's threatening Tom or intends violence or intimidation. I think he's just interested in laughing...
  14. BigTodd

    Tom is back on Twitter

    Ole potato brain jumps into the fray spouting bullshit "knowledge" of Israel. Nobody pays attention, then he threatens to ignore someone for posting facts, then with everyone still ignoring him, he declares that he's too busy for politics and won't be online during "office hours". :story...
  15. BigTodd

    Tom is back on Twitter This time it's a "business twitter" which he claims negates his TOS violation for creating a new account after being banned. He's non-stop spergging about Jews and Zionists. I guess that's common with business accounts.
  16. BigTodd

    The times Tom proved himself to be a coward

    Need a little help here. Trying to compile a list of examples of Tom being a coward and find the appropriate videos, pics, posts. This is what I have so far: * Hiding behind a nurse when talking shit to a cop * Talking shit to some buskers, then running away * Sucker punching the busker then...
  17. BigTodd

    1-31-2019 A Reader Visiting My Booth

    So what was this guy's Kiwi Farms user name?
  18. BigTodd

    1-31-19 Discussing investigation with TPD sergeant

    That officer is a brilliant operator. He put the onus on Tom to pull his weight. Tom, who has a history of 100% failure, will clearly fail to deliver and will thus be pacified for another period of time before he chimps out again. In sum, Officer Peterson is a sly genius who tricked Tom into...
  19. BigTodd

    1-31-2019 A Reader Visiting My Booth

    Tom streams his booth at the gem show, which he still insists hasn't officially opened yet. As usual, Tom fails to sell anything and succeeds only at annoying his potential customers. He eventually quits because the chat was mean to him. Love how his dog is terrified that Tom is going to...
  20. BigTodd

    1-29-19 Gem Show Walkabout

    Exactly. Just look at the giant mug he drinks out of. That thing is filthy and he never cleans it. It would take zero effort, but Tom lives in filth and doesn't see the need to clean anything.

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