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  1. KatsuKitty

    Nationwide Attacks on Police Continue as 2 San Diego Cops Shot
  2. KatsuKitty

    Pakistani Model Murdered by Muslim Brother in Culturally-Sanctioned "Honour Killing"
  3. KatsuKitty

    4/1/2016: Christian Undergoes Transgender Surgery

    It has just been leaked that CWC has actually undergone sexual reassignment surgery about a few weeks back. Key facts: CWC took out of his life insurance to pay for it Barb does not know; he told her he had "zika virus" to explain his disappearance He does not want to use dilators because...
  4. KatsuKitty

    Reddit's incest community (r/incest, r/gayincest, etc)

    Did you know reddit had its own community dedicated to discussing (and disgusting) incest? You do now. Live from the bowels of Mississippi, it's /r/incest! It's Freud: The Subreddit, where a copious amount of posts have to do with guys wanting to literally fuck their mothers. There's also a...
  5. KatsuKitty

    Feedback Did you find CWC's Updates subforum useful?

    The Updates subforum, if you're even aware it exists, was originally intended to be a restricted location to discuss Chris updates. Topic creation was restricted to staffers, and all replies were moderated. It appears to have fallen into disuse, so I'm wondering if it's been made redundant by...
  6. KatsuKitty

    Is Chris "getting better"?

    For many, Chris is the lolcow, the one who started it all. Indeed, this place was the former "CWCki Forums" and the only reason we existed. But save for a few incidents, is Chris (very) slowly becoming more and more..."normal"? I mean, yeah, he's gone full tranny and maced a dude, but he's had...
  7. KatsuKitty

    Flibanserin: The first drug approved for "female sexual arousal disorder"

    Today, flibanserin has been the first drug approved to treat the purported condition of female sexual loss of interest. What's your take on this? To me, it's a rather curious approval. I'm already skeptical of the idea of "female sexual arousal disorder", a genuine disorder listed in the DSM-V...
  8. KatsuKitty

    Twitter 04/22/15: Tyce Andrews Active Again on Twitter

    Somehow, this slipped under the radar. Tyce is back after an extended absence.
  9. KatsuKitty

    LGBT 2015-04-01: Chris Advertises His Services as an "Exotic Dancer"

    This is an email that somehow ended up in the spam folder and was forgotten about.
  10. KatsuKitty

    Kiwi Farms WRITING CONTEST! (Writings Due by 11:59PM EDT 3/9/15)

    In the interest of promoting creativity and writing skills, I am pleased to announce my first-annual Kiwi Farms Writing Contest! Rules: This contest is for writers to compose a short story in the period of one month. The word count may be up to 7,500. I need to be able to verify this; if you...
  11. KatsuKitty

    Regarding Account Deletion and Name Changes

    I get this message in my inbox about once every two weeks. I think it should be posted publicly someplace, so here we go. We do not delete accounts on request. Please do not ask staff to delete your account. If you require "witness protection" because your username is traceable back to your...
  12. KatsuKitty

    Video 2014-Oct-26 - To Mr. Smith

  13. KatsuKitty

    Facebook 2014-Oct-21 - Chris is Punished for Poor Service

    Discussion Thread
  14. KatsuKitty

    Facebook 2014-Oct-18 - Chris begs for Halloween party invitations

    Discussion Thread
  15. KatsuKitty

    Facebook 2014-Oct-14: Numerous unremarkable begging updates

    Discussion Thread #1 Discussion Thread #2
  16. KatsuKitty

    Facebook 2014-Oct-5: Best Customer Medallions

    Discussion Thread
  17. KatsuKitty

    Facebook 2014-Sep-3: Boycotting Sonic

    Discussion Thread
  18. KatsuKitty

    eBay 2014-Sep-2: Assorted eBay Sales

    Discussion Thread
  19. KatsuKitty

    Facebook 2014-Aug-25 Sonichu is allergic to pickles

    Discussion Thread
  20. KatsuKitty

    Facebook 2014-Aug-23: Take Chris's Poll

    Discussion Thread

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