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  1. Clop

    Culture Joy Behar: Don't tell Americans before you take their guns

    "It's the ideology that's problematic, not the methodology! We're not Nazis!"
  2. Clop

    Florida Man Arrested for Groping a Costumed Disney World Princess, Police Say

    It is an overreaction, but either you treat all sexual misconduct (towards a woman) as the worst thing ever or you're a rapist trying to defend a Florida man. At least this guy does deserve a punch in the face for being a creep.
  3. Clop

    What lolcow is the worst danger to women?

    Words. Not getting fucking eaten.
  4. Clop

    What lolcow is the worst danger to women?

    Even words are a danger to women. Just see which lolcow opens his mouth first.
  5. Clop

    Microsoft Japan Says Four-Day Work Week Boosted Productivity 40%

    Certainly not, most things are still deserving of optimism. Things are always much better than most media would led you to believe. Major scale problems come if a government wants to dictate the working hours and pay, so let's hope nobody starts thinking a 4-day-work-week is a fix-all solution...
  6. Clop

    Microsoft Japan Says Four-Day Work Week Boosted Productivity 40%

    Then all you need is numbers on which instance happens more. I think the most common instance of screwing the employee that I keep hearing comes from an incompetent leadership that doesn't backtrack until the company's already spiraling down from plummeting morale.
  7. Clop

    Culture Rapper T.I. admits he accompanies his daughter, 18, to the gynecologist every year to make sure she's still a virgin, revealing that 'as of her last b

    So he's the Facebook equivalent of sex? Seriously, what a fucking creep. Abstinence-only is not sexual education. It's child abuse.
  8. Clop

    Microsoft Japan Says Four-Day Work Week Boosted Productivity 40%

    Some places sound great, but is this one of those places? And yes, yes it is unreasonable. That's why businesses do it if they can get away with it. The more roundabout way of doing it usually involves forbidding your workers from doing overtime.
  9. Clop

    World More than 11,000 scientists from around the world declare a ‘climate emergency’

    You're right, they're not the same. But you use 'equity' when you want the outcome to be the same. It is certainly not equality, but fuck me if "opportunity" is a bullshit word to describe the leeway being given.
  10. Clop

    World More than 11,000 scientists from around the world declare a ‘climate emergency’

    This one's my favorite, and I think everyone already guessed as much. Here, I'll translate it for you: Equality for everyone, especially women. Oh shit, wait, my mistake, they actually do use the word "equity." So literally communism. Nice. When they don't even pretend it's equality anymore...
  11. Clop

    World Kansas City votes to remove Martin Luther King’s name from historic street

    I'm pleasantly surprised that being called 'racists' didn't just auto-win like it used to.
  12. Clop

    Microsoft Japan Says Four-Day Work Week Boosted Productivity 40%

    I'm not sure what you're asking. Would it matter whether you get paid during time off work? If you just take a day off someone's work week then your salary gets garnished by 1/5 if your old week was five days. Then you're expected to voluntarily take time off work without pay? That's ludicrous...
  13. Clop

    Microsoft Japan Says Four-Day Work Week Boosted Productivity 40%

    Oh goody. More of this shit. If you don't give paid leave, good workers will not leave. Overtime pay is going to kick up. Living gets more expensive every year but salaries keep getting smaller.
  14. Clop

    Crime Maryland man, 46, gets probation after he killed a father and his four daughters when his SUV crossed a median and slammed into their minivan

    The kind that's now in a wheelchair, blaming the other party (not to take away from his blame, he's a fucking twat for losing control like that.) Here is a great principle for driving: You're only ever as good and safe a driver as the worst driver on the same road. Wear your fucking seat belt.
  15. Clop

    Disaster Buffalo Wild Wings employees told a group to move because of a ‘racist’ regular, customers say

    God fucking damnit another "sensitivity trainer" is going to earn a big, fat paycheck with uneducated baby talk for an hour and a half. I unapologetically wish (but shall not personally participate in, since I'm a good boy, your honor) every single sensitivity trainer be shot between the eyes...
  16. Clop

    (((Richard B. Spencer)))

    Then it was worth the hour spent.
  17. Clop

    Crunchyroll and WEBTOON Team Up to Co-Produce New Animated Content

    Just remember: That means 1. no gay 2. no black 3. no recognizing Hong Kong's plight No cheating, now!
  18. Clop

    Business Robinhood Traders Discovered a Glitch That Gave Them 'Infinite Leverage'

    Might be a bad fucking idea to use an exploit to pick up a million dollars tab and then brag about it in public.
  19. Clop

    (((Richard B. Spencer)))

    Well I had an extra hour to piss about.

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