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  1. c-no

    Horrorcow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverride / Hat Box / Old Uncle Anime

    The only difference between them may as well be what they screech over in a culture war. Either screeching about how Goobergrapers are out to kill their kween or how the anti-gators are out to kill off any dissenting voice. Gotta get that sweet Youtube ad revenue along with any Paymetons money...
  2. c-no


    As someone that hasn't seen any of these videos because I'm not that autistic to get invested in watching left-wing or right-wing videos that sperg over pop-culture, I'm going out on a limb and assume the guy is looking too deep into the motivations of a comic book villain that managed to get...
  3. c-no

    Explain the appeal of Kojima games

    For people trying to make it sound like video games are more than kids toys, it's all the 2deep4u shit Kojima puts in his games such as information control in MGS 2. For those that just want to enjoy the games, it's being able to sneak around like a cheeky bastard. Not gonna lie, I enjoy the...
  4. c-no

    You may be the autist of dojima but are you also the mad transsexual of Shimano?

    You may be the autist of dojima but are you also the mad transsexual of Shimano?
  5. c-no

    My Little Brony II: The Cloppening

    If anything, the brony fandom was the peak era of fandom autism considering what bronies manage to bring beyond vendettas over petty reasons.
  6. c-no

    My Little Brony II: The Cloppening

    One can only wonder how long one can keep up in liking something before turning out to not like it beyond trying to one up a group of spergs they may be no different from. It's no more autistic than those sperging hard against it but then again, the autism over MLP existed before bronies were a...
  7. c-no

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    Unsurprisingly, one can expect some furries to screech and overreact, such as the Twitter furs screeching on how PewDiePie takes his nazism further by being homophobic for not liking furries even though Felix's dislike is not on high levels of sperg. Then again, all it takes are some furries...
  8. c-no

    My Little Brony II: The Cloppening

    Betting most will leave and swear off on how Hasbro defiled their beloved cartoon while bringing their tism to other communities, where they replace the horses with something else that's part of their obsession. Meanwhile, some might stay on because they're either too invested in the show to...
  9. c-no

    Unpopular Opinions about Video Games

    Beyond any ideas of using actual gun names and playing as an American soldier fighting to protect his country, it's not really much of propaganda since it's as you say, games are a linear adventure through some cliche war stories. The only problem with it may as well just be relying too much on...
  10. c-no

    Culture How The Coomer Meme Exposes the Far-Right Roots of #NoNutNovember

    Jokes on them, some of us withhold masturbating in hopes of making bigger hot loads for our drill instructors hat.
  11. c-no

    Unpopular Opinions about Video Games

    It's something most may overlook since that game is 10 years old at this point and the worst it's remembered for by Russians was "No Russian." The British propaganda stuff, even as a stretch, sounds more believable IMO, since in the end of Modern Warfare it's always a British guy that saves the...
  12. c-no

    Unpopular Opinions about Video Games

    Considering COD, I honestly thought the idea of the games, at least Modern Warfare, being a sort of American propaganda was a weak one. Yeah the game does have you play as an American soldier shooting Russians and brown people but considering how America fares in the MW trilogy, it's not really...
  13. c-no

    Matt Myers / @M_M_Myers / "Matt, Nerdy Skull" / @M_Nerdskull

    When was the MAP stuff even some Chan-OP? Wasn't it tied to some pedos that were Tumblr refugees are some rando Twitter pedos trying to invent some sort of new speak? Gotta prioritize in fighting those darn dirty anti-SJW's even if the worst these edgelords do is simply just sperg about some...
  14. c-no

    Lolcow Christopher McGee / Chris McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends

    He has. And the next time he comes back, he'll no doubt leave some post ranting about how Twitter was being unfair. Yes
  15. c-no

    Kiwi Farms Reviews

    Quiet, you don't want them to know that Frederick had some ties to Null now, do you?
  16. c-no

    Fix My Technology Please - Internet Tech Support Thread

    Just remember if you want your tech to be fixed, give us your admin password and allow remote control and we at Microsoft in India will fix your problem.
  17. c-no

    Advice for an idiot looking to going back into majoring in computers

    I tried but the noose keeps breaking. I would take that but who the hell even reads anymore? All the shit post aside, I may as well look into internships and the like and put a piece of paper on a back burner. Wouldn't hurt getting more of that hands-on experience than doing paper test.
  18. c-no

    Advice for an idiot looking to going back into majoring in computers

    After seeing the thread by Vinny-chan on advice for a cyber security major, I may as well ask since it's been on my mind while I'm still wondering what else to do with my life: What advice is there for a guy that wants to major in computers? I've been thinking of wanting to go back into computer...
  19. c-no

    Basic tech facts a layman must know

    And with people self-destructing over facts being founds, it's less on some NSA guy monitoring you and more of your own lack of security and revealing shit to any troll and the like that finds out, at least until law enforcement has to start monitoring online activity beyond seeing what's...
  20. c-no

    Who really invented the internet?

    From what I recall, they were onto making it until it got shot down thanks to not getting the funding it needed. Had the Soviet government given it the funding it needed, the Russians could of been making his own shitpost long before we did.

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