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  1. Polyboros

    Random Pics and Gifs

    The world ends tomorrow and we can't wait.
  2. Polyboros

    Culture Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

    Is his wife cleared yet of prosecution for lying to a bank or something. I felt like that was the short and curlies Hillary had him by to cuck out to the max art the convention. I wonder if this is more of him carpet bagging millennials into the DNC coffers, or a strong arm tactic to get them...
  3. Polyboros

    XenForo 2

    Well I messaged, I'm guessing Null, about the possibility of getting my password changed so I can log in again after the update. If not it's been good shit posting with you guys, I'll have to double down on a new account to get back to the proving grounds.
  4. Polyboros

    Culture Student assaulted on campus while tabling for right-wing group

    Two men enter Thunderdome. Pretty sure only one side here has men to send.
  5. Polyboros

    Democrat Candidates Begin to Support Reparations for African Americans

    This makes me feel like Kanye had enough of an influence to make their numbers really hard.
  6. Polyboros

    Law US Supreme Court Rules 9-0 That States May Not Abuse Civil Forfeiture Or Levy Excessive Fines

    RGB isn't dead but she's incapacitated, and this wasn't written by her, but the court is letting her name be tied to it as an honor to her career on the bench before she passes
  7. Polyboros

    Law R. Kelly Charged with 10 Counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse

    Hurry up and go to jail, faggot.
  8. Polyboros

    Vic Mignogna fired from Funimation & RoosterTeeth over accusations of sexual harassment

    On the whole “Been accusations for years thing,” while I kinda fence sat on maybe he is a creep, I'm becoming more skeptical. Learning more about the guy, that he's openly Christian, that he snubbed Yaoi and shippers, and that he's an entitled prick to con staff when he's there as a guest, I can...
  9. Polyboros

    Vic Mignogna fired from Funimation & RoosterTeeth over accusations of sexual harassment

    How is this thread not featured, this maybe forced #MeTooing/SJW hit piece had devolved into an insanely amazing dumpster fire.
  10. Polyboros

    Disaster "The Squad" Megathread

    You're not alone, but I am not amongst your kin. Hoop earrings and big teeth are a turn off.
  11. Polyboros

    Detective Pikachu: The Movie

    I think it's been pretty well established that Gunn all but completely rewrote GotG.
  12. Polyboros

    Doom Patrol

    I watched all of Titans, there is an entire episode that is pretty much just a trailer for Doom Patrol and it is legitimately the best part of the season. It only has Robot Man, Elastic Girl, and Negative Man, and I think a different actor (at least very different appearance) playing Chief...
  13. Polyboros

    Detective Pikachu: The Movie

    Where have you been? Everyone is trying to create a cinematic universe. I think they had like a sequel and two spin offs planned for the Lady Ghostbusters.
  14. Polyboros

    World Government Shutdown Megathread/Updates

    So, pretty much as I expected as everyone was burning their art of the deal and MAGA hats, the Dems lost everything he offered them and he still gets the wall. Now he gets to go into the election run up later this year and talk about how he's delivered on his promises, and the weak Democrats...
  15. Polyboros

    Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

    “Friend of Brianna” probably equates to “talked to on Twitter once”. That's all her life is.
  16. Polyboros

    XenForo 2

    A thought I had for a while that I cane here to suggest is a “Filter by informative” option. Let that rating hold weight. I think Best of is good too, but sometimes I just want to know if there has been any new developments in a cow/drama, and would like to filter out even the good banter.
  17. Polyboros

    Resident Evil

    Oof, I've mainly played RE4, but I'm no stranger to the more survival versions of the game, but the ammo crunch is real. Everything seemed fine till the first encounter with Burkins, then it seems like I barely find anything. I just reloaded a save cause after facing 5 failed g types I literally...
  18. Polyboros

    Senate Uncovers No Evidence of Trump Russia Collusion

    Big ole :optimistic: on that being the upper limit on how long the Russian collusion sperging will be going on. In 40 years, as you're dying in AOC's organ harvesting funded Healthcare for All human disposal slum, you'll look out the window to see, past the huddled masses of iPhone controlled...
  19. Polyboros

    Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

    Are you new to the thread? Constantly screaming is probably the most natural response he has to his life. I've never played VIII because Final Fantasy died with the SNES, so I don't know if Wu is right, but I don't think those are accurate comparisons. Locke/Celes is at best a subplot, and I...
  20. Polyboros

    Vic Mignogna fired from Funimation & RoosterTeeth over accusations of sexual harassment

    See, I was right, there are people against Vic that legit thirst for underaged girls.

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