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  1. Venus Blue

    Crime Rampaging gunman kills student and wounds three in horror college shooting Rampaging gunman kills student and wounds three in horror college shooting Daniil Zasorin, 19, is reported to have opened fire on fellow students at Amur college in the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, near...
  2. Venus Blue

    Halle, Germany Shooting

    >Do you have to do this while I'm walking here? I wonder if he thought the woman was giving a direct insult towards his DIY rampage and that's why decided to shoot her.
  3. Venus Blue

    Halle, Germany Shooting

    Fairly useless information but the pleading guy is not the one who was killed in the kebab shop.
  4. Venus Blue

    Great Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon (and movies that never got sequels you wanted)

    My Name is Earl was a really comfy show. Deadwood's another name that comes to mind.
  5. Venus Blue

    Thank you all, really liking this reception.

    Thank you all, really liking this reception.
  6. Venus Blue

    What are you listening to right now?

  7. Venus Blue

    Disaster School attack in Finland

    The perps full name is Joel Otto Aukusti Marin, born in 1994. The dead woman is an Ukrainian citizen born in 1996.
  8. Venus Blue

    LGBT Kiwis

    Not sure what to call myself, definitely 100% bottom though which would be considered pretty gay I guess.
  9. Venus Blue

    Today I have... Thread.

    Smoked weed, went to Subway and listened to the two Acid Bath albums.
  10. Venus Blue

    If you trooned out, how would your loved ones react?

    Due to an unfortunate episode, I know that my mom would be supportive of it. My dad probably wouldn't but he also played a part on why that episode happened so he's definitely not the good guy here either even if I'm a degenerate. My grandmother would probably be glad she's fairly close to death...
  11. Venus Blue

    Introduction Thread

    Hey all, been lurking here for a while. I originally thought creating an account during the summer but then wasn't sure if I'd be ready for such a big step yet. A nice combination of developing mental illness that went mostly untreated in early childhood and discovering 4chan/a local equivalent...

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