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  1. Stasi

    Random Pics and Gifs

    Tfw you had your volume at full blast and someone nudged you
  2. Stasi

    Random Pics and Gifs

  3. Stasi

    Dox your PC builds

    Desktop: Old ass Lenovo tower Windows 8 Intel Core i7-4790 3.6ghz 2TB HDD 16GB RAM GTX 745 2GB Have Linux Mint on seperate SSD/HDD combo but think the HDD is shitting the bed so been using Windows recently. Question - thinking of getting a better graphics card, mostly for emulation. It...
  4. Stasi

    What game did you finish today?

    Vagrant Story - finally finished it after dropping it for a few months after getting about 20h in. Have extremely mixed feelings on it. Atmosphere, setting and story are all interesting and help carry the game. The game part though is a clunky fucking mess. Combat system is OK however it...
  5. Stasi

    Weirdest site you found on the internet

    I can't believe this is still up SpaceJam
  6. Stasi

    'No Stupid Questions' General

    Got a machine with SSD (linux partition), 500GB HDD salvaged from old laptop (linux home folder) and 2TB HDD (Windows 8). Been using linux for years and it suddenly becomes slow as shit, programs taking forever to load, even small file transfers take forever to write, freezes randomly. I...
  7. Stasi

    What are you playing right now?

    Vagrant Story. Actually put about 20h into it like 6 months ago but got really frustrated with how clunky it feels and having to constantly fuck around with changing weapons and generally sucking around with the menus. Started back up from the last save, this time been looking at a guide for...
  8. Stasi

    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    This is absolutely horrifying. If I didn't know about Jack I'd be convinced this is a joke video of someone pretending to be mentally handicapped. Also what is this new cast iron shit? How is this in any way like cast iron? I know some of you work in the food industry. Is he just talking shit...
  9. Stasi

    Disaster Jeffery Epstein has comitted suicide

    Oh it actually happening, are we going to get a huge Watergate grade scandal involving the CIA and pedos? Let's hope so
  10. Stasi

    FBI releases "Finders" Document on CIA connected child sex trafficking cult

    Maybe unsurprising but media seems to have absolutely no interest in this. Google news search brings up links to twitter and reddit threads and a bunch of links to the original 1987 articles. No recent write ups. Nothing to see here guys, just move along.
  11. Stasi

    FBI releases "Finders" Document on CIA connected child sex trafficking cult

    A little off topic - Someone already mentioned Eyes Wide Shut. I'd also recommend checking out Enemy of the State. Less about degenerate cult stuff and more about abuse of power by intelligence agencies. As this kind of shit is revealed it looks less like a stupid action movie and more like a...
  12. Stasi

    Random Pics and Gifs

  13. Stasi

    FBI releases "Finders" Document on CIA connected child sex trafficking cult

    What the actual fuck is this glow in the dark shit (:_( So they find ironclad evidence of child abuse and fuck knows what else and the CIA basically said nah nothing to see here guys, just move along and the entire investigation is just dropped? Kill me now.
  14. Stasi

    2019-10-16 - Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

    :thinking: Josh, stay away from any NY prison cells!
  15. Stasi

    Games you gave up on.

    Got to the last boss in original Puzzle Quest and the difficulty was less of a spike and more of a brick wall. Only options seemed to be to either grind for high level items/spells or get very lucky. I just quit. If anyone has some sage advice let me know, I'd love to finally beat that fucker...
  16. Stasi

    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    Why the fuck did he use a can opener even on the cans that have a ring-pull? I guess Tammy refused to help him prepare this pig slop so he had to use some electric can opener gizmo? Next video - "Guy's, fatasses r us sent me this device, great device. Will open all of your cans, ummm beans...
  17. Stasi

    TGWTG The Spoony One / Spoony / Noah Antwiler

    I found the perfect guy. Minimal makeup/props needed.
  18. Stasi

    Forgotten childhood games

    Possibly Blood
  19. Stasi

    What game did you finish today?

    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (on dolphin, not paying £200 for a 20 year old game, I'm not insane). I've been a fan of the series for a long time but never played the console iterations. Solid game but I found it incredibly easy, pretty much blew through the game with minimal effort, had all of...
  20. Stasi

    Capcom is planning to revive a dormant IP

    I think either DC or Onimusha are the most likely. I'm surprised at people mentioning Okami. I seem to remember it didn't do too well commercially? I know its a bit of a cult classic now but the other franchises have a much bigger fanbase I'd think and are safer choices.

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