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  1. SuperSushiFighter

    everything is lesbian

    It's ridiculous and this is hard proof that people like them are never satisfied. No it's not enough that's she's a powerful epic female, she must be an ugly tranny dyke.
  2. SuperSushiFighter

    everything is lesbian

    I see this B.S. all the time on Twitter. One annoying person was trying to force as canon that Samus was a lesbian. Also this happens everyday in the Love Live fan base.
  3. SuperSushiFighter

    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    Yeah that's the part I'm also. Unless she has Mexican relatives I don't really know how she's affected. Reminder I don't even like Trump I'm just sick of people whining about him
  4. SuperSushiFighter

    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    [/MEDIA] 9 Thanks for clarifying this stuff. I've been out of date with this crap tbh
  5. SuperSushiFighter

    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    From this thread I have noticed a lot of people have given CommanderHolly way too much credit. To give a background a bit she could actually have her own thread potentially. She is a cosplay cow who spergs out about Trump and obsesses over PC culture. Which on it's own is not uncommon but there...
  6. SuperSushiFighter

    Containment What If?

    That's what I think as well :(
  7. SuperSushiFighter

    Containment What If?

    What if Barb died instead of Bob?
  8. SuperSushiFighter

    Science Minecraft creator says he would rather be a fascist than have a ‘feminine dick’

    BASED Not about the fascist part but about the not wanting a fem penis part.
  9. SuperSushiFighter

    Illegal Immigrant Arrested After Having Sex With Cow, Police Say

    Nibba been watching too much Kantai Collection
  10. SuperSushiFighter

    Culture Non-Japanese people are poorly represented in Japanese media: That needs to change

    SJWs are trying so hard to ruin Japan and sperg out when they fail at it. It truly is a beautiful thing.
  11. SuperSushiFighter

    Blessed images

  12. SuperSushiFighter

    I protect her beautiful fivehead

    I protect her beautiful fivehead
  13. SuperSushiFighter

    Last Image You Saved

    I vomited in my heart. That is so cursed holy crap.
  14. SuperSushiFighter

    Last Image You Saved

  15. SuperSushiFighter

    Say something completely autistic about the person above you

  16. SuperSushiFighter

    Twitter Autism

    Donkey Kong Trans Rights memes
  17. SuperSushiFighter

    Describe the avatar of the person above you in 3 words

    Silver hair girl who is inferior to Takane Also >George Costanza Black

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