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  1. Poto

    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    It means "mother" in Spanish, if I am not wrong. I would say "I hope she never become a mother" But that would imply someone would ever think to date her in the first place.
  2. Poto

    The Awful Fursuit Thread

    It's either paid a pro, or they went to a con where pros take pictures. Most con have photo boots for fursuiters to take pics of themselves. Speaking of which, this week-end, there is two cons happening: Furnal equinox and Fur the more! Which means more pics for possible horrendous suit!
  3. Poto

    Dis is furrsecutiion!!!1!

    Dis is furrsecutiion!!!1!
  4. Poto

    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    Don't want to be the bringer of bad news, but that won't work. You're free to do it, however, we won't stop you.
  5. Poto

    Brenton Tarrant posts on 8chan, shoots up Mosque killing 49 muslims in New Zealand, livestreams from GoPro

    Call me a fucking wuss, but I don't even have the heart to watch that video. From what I'm reading, I'd probably turn into a total faggot and get struct hard by it. It's one thing to be against Islam, but this guy is taking it to a whole new level. My sympathies for the victims, they did not...
  6. Poto

    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    Please, do elaborate how you'll take down the good ol' farm. I am pretty curious
  7. Poto

    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    Woman, what are you still doing there? You're literally the only person keeping that thread alive for nothing! It's time you cut yourself out of the internet and seriously think of getting your life back on track. You want to draw? Practice it and try new things, not just smithers on a cat body...
  8. Poto

    The Awful Fursuit Thread

    The new sonic movie is looking terrifying.
  9. Poto

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    As far as I know, 2018 had about 24 trans people murdered in the US (I don't remember the exact number). That's counting all type of murder, not necessarily hate crimes. Compared to the number of murder overall in the US, that's...pretty low, stupidly low even to say it's such a big problem...
  10. Poto

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    Dear me, can't they just think to make themselves happy first instead of trying to find a reason to be unhappy to not admit they've fucked up hard and they never truly were trans? There will always be someone who thinks this is weird, it is bloody weird, but at the end, you live you life and...
  11. Poto

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    It started first with a chuckle, then horror and now, I can't help but feel bad for the poor kid. No kid deserve a parent like this dude.
  12. Poto

    Matthew Geddes / @LeftistFoxButt / Hemms Fox / Attica Fox

    Wait, isn't solatorobo the spiritual successor of Tail concerto on the PS1? The style is pretty close, and theme similar (Talking walking animals, mech, flying island, etc.) If anything, I was glad at the time to discover there's a game that follow a similar style to one of my favorite game as...
  13. Poto

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    That, and unlike twitter, we don't start to devour each other like some sort of cannibal idiot for having different opinion. "Kiwifarm: likely more peaceful than the furry fandom and twitter"
  14. Poto

    Kurt McConkey / PataponCreeper / PC / Mysterious-Cat-01

    I'm not convinced, since he's the kind of guy who'd prefer cute stuff over horror. Got anything to back this up?
  15. Poto

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    "Furries...furries never changes." Seriously though, I still wonder why furries want so much to be political in the fandom. Most of them barely know what they talk about, and any attempt to get a intelligent conversation will end up with them sperging out and/or trying to ruin your image...
  16. Poto

    Dominique McLean / SonicFox

    This oddly reminds me when some people on 4chan tried to push the idea that sonic fox was onto more fetish than just being gay and gore by editing commission of his to look more like vore or fat fur. Now, not sure if he tweeted this just because that other suiter got shit in the past, but who...
  17. Poto

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    I swear, you could almost tell just with the colour of their sona which one will be the most toxic, just like those frogs. Difference being one give you death, and the other make you wish for death.
  18. Poto

    Riolu947 / RiolutheBlueCat / BlueCatRiolu / Nicolas Salerno

    At this point, this cow is just plain sad. There's no bloody way he'll truly change, as it would require effort, and as you can see with his art, he clearly don't have the will to spend any.
  19. Poto

    Furry "Personal Army" Thread

    I am aware of how they are in general, so that reaction isn't new But it is interesting to see one get in the kiwifarm, expect they will get away by acting the same way they do in their circle here, only to end up being the new target because they don't spend a second observing how the threads...
  20. Poto

    Furry "Personal Army" Thread

    This is getting somewhat interesting , I won't lie No, not the clue and all, the pure exceptionalism things just got.

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